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Friday, January 29, 2010

Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head Restaurant @ Puchong

Ok, more food to introduce. My wife and me are fish lover, we have fish almost every meal and we love it. Partly because my mum's family is fishermen generation, we have fish everyday. And of course, it's healthy food that all girls will like. My wife found a place to eat fish head noodle at Bandar Puteri Puchong, but not normal fish head. It's Cod Fish Head Noodle! First time I heard of it in my life. Worse that when I reached there, I saw below.

Not only Cod Fish Head, but Salmon Fish Head! Introducing the Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head Restaurant.

Go up to the internal decoration, it's quite a typical chinese eating outlet where it's neat and also practical to fit as much table as possible. It's very windy and they do switch on the air-cond even it's open space. Nice touch, but meaning more expensive meal. No doubt.

The place is clean, spacious and empty when we got there. It's almost 2.30pm on Friday, probably all went back to work already. Nice, so I can get a clear shot.

I take a quick glance and I spotted the menu on the wall. Cod Fish Head, Salmon Fish Head, Raw Salmon Fish and other snacks. Crazy menu, but how's the price?

Of course it's not cheap. It cost nearly RM20 for each bowl of Salmon Fish Head or Raw Salmon Fish Head, but Salmon is not cheap as well. So that might justify the price. However, we opt for the cheaper and better Cod Fish Head Noodle, as recommended by my wife and her friends.

There are basically 2 type of noodles available. I took up the thick noodles (feels like spaghetti noodle) and asked to have meaty part rather than fish head. This bowl of noodle cost RM15.70. Expensive? Think again, it's Cod Fish. We ordered ours with evaporated milks and it comes with tomatoes and chinese pickled. The soup tasted good but it's not the best I've ever eaten. I personally think the shop in Kuchai Lama or Damansara Kim is better. However, the Cod Fish is very fresh and springy.

My wife took up the vermicelli noodle with exactly same ingredients as mine. I personally think the vermicelli noodle is better. The portion is huge and it would be just nice for your heavy lunch. Vermicelli noodle cost a little less though, at RM14.90.

A generous portion of Cod Fish. I have almost 6-7 pieces this size of chunk fish in my bowl.

As my practise, we opt for the Lou Han Guo drink that priced at RM3.00.

I would recommend this shop for those that love Cod Fish. It's the only place that selling Cod Fish Noodle at current time anyway, as far as I know. Don't bother trying the Salmon Fish though, it's not good and not worth the price. If you fancy Salmon, go to Japanese shop. No one do it better than them.

The lunch cost both of us almost RM35, quite expensive for a fish head noodle lunch. Normal fish head noodle only cost about RM18-20 for two person. So your choice, I would just stick to my favourite fish head shop.

Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Restaurant
Location Coordinate: N3 01.337 E101 36.946


Wai said...

U no good lo.. come Bandar Puteri also dun call me :( :(

I just live 5 mins drive from this place oni :(

KVINLIM said...

only got 48 hours everytime I got back, and it's dedicated for my wife =P next time will call you, still havent see your car yet.

KVINLIM said...

further, I also not sure where you staying now. Puteri or Kinrara. You always moving around.

Wai said...

Puteri is my gf's place. Kinrara used to be my gf's old place until she moved to Puteri.

I'm staying in Kelana Jaya but usually go back Puteri during weekends :)

A.H saw my car edi ma. he didnt tell u? nemai nemai.. we meet during CNY la :)

KVINLIM said...

he did told me about the crack here and there on the bumper ...

Wai said...

orh.. ya loo.. 2 areas on the front bumper.

one is near the headlamp cos the G-Force pulling down on the heavy bumper. So the crack. Intending to install some brackets to hold it in place. see whether it will still like that or not.

the other one.. haihzzz.. some bloody makcik banged into my bumper while reversing her car in a car park.. bloody hell oni realised that after she left! >.<"

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