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Friday, January 22, 2010

The purpose

I've totally forgotten about the purpose that I've set to create this blog, To Share Life & Joy. I've learned a lot throughout my life and I'm a deep observer of surroundings, especially human emotions. We are shaped by the community and most of the times, we forgot how to live our life and missed seeing the purpose of living. It saddens me whenever I see people working their hardest to earn a living and missed living their life. Life can have lots of definition to individual, but I defined it as anything that will make you happy. What else can it be?

The truth is reveal whenever I post my favourite ultimate question, if you have a million dollars income every year, what will you do now? The answer will reveal what you will want in your real life. We are trapped by the money paper that human created to value life and success. Money do give you what you want, but it cannot buy happiness. It's actually only a piece of useless paper, and the true value is only when you exchange it for something you wanted. That create the value and bring it into your life.

I have lots to share but always do not have enough time to do so. I critic on things that I do not understand and I'm also been judged for doing so. Sorry to my friends that I might have offended, but I'm just caring and hoping for others to see the light. Maybe only my definition of light, stay around if you agree, I will try my best to share more in coming future.

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