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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photography: Danga Bay @ Johor Bahru

I've been running around "scouting" for places to photograph and of course I will never miss the famous Danga Bay at Johor Bahru. This place is one of the most famous place for couples and families. I took my loyal D90 together and start snapping.

I'm disappointed with the results but I still post some of the "best" shots here to remind myself of my naive thinking that I will get good shots with a good camera. The photographer skills are still very important. I strive to improve myself and this will be as a reminder of my bad technique!

The purpose of me taking up dSLR is because of my future children. So taking some snaps to test out when it's on action.

Another testing shots, imagining if it's my baby. Somehow keep losing focus on the face, sigh.

Lost of details at the back because of f1.8. No choice, not enough light!

Took a few steps back and snap this. Somethign wrong, but dont know how to improve.

Some kids doing some xtreme sports, too quick, only this one dare to post up =P

Haih, finally my favourite shot. Kinda like this one, but normal, I know. It's one of the best in the group already.

Looks good in the LCD but nothing special when open up.

My model. Lost focus again! Grr ... she will kill me next time if I miss my shots again ...

I went for 2nd trip to Danga Bay and there is an obvious improvement. I will share the reasons in next post. Sorry for the bad quality photo, I promise to improve!


jAmEs said...

here you go my fren

KVINLIM said...

thanks man! overloaded with website teaching how to get better photos but still stucked with these kinda quality =P it must be personal ...

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