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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photography: Danga Bay @ Johor Bahru - 2nd attempt

Professional always advise amateur photographer to continuously perfecting their skills by learning at the street. Visiting the same places over and over again to find faults during review time. I went for my 2nd attempt in JB's favourite hang-out place, Danga Bay, again to test my skills.

Is there any improvements? Please comment so I can learn. Thanks.

An intro of my photography location.

A special music instrument that I found in a restaurant. The owner mixed it around with Die Hard and other techno music. Superb, that's how Malaysia should introduce itself to the world.

The pasar malam in the Danga Bay. Bubbles everywhere for everyday.

Fish the duckie game. You will know your price from the image at the bottom of the duck.

Another attempt in close up for Merry-Go-Round.

Another attempt for the unique signature in Danga Bay.

Thanks for viewing. Drop me a comment so I know where to improve. Thanks a lot!


Avril Tan said...

You are really GOOD!! fantastic photography!

KVINLIM said...

Thanks for the compliment. I'm just a beginner exploring the possibility with my dSLR. I saw your blog, keep it up!

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