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Monday, December 28, 2009

100dC Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant

My wife tried out a new steamboat shop in Kuchai Lama and she wanted to bring me over. It's called 100 degree Celcius Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant (100dC), funny name but I suppose it means water boiled at 100dC. People are queuing around the shop and we are lucky to get a table for two immediately.

The shop is spacious, clean and stylish. Immediately I scouted around the menu and start ordering, we are starving. The first page explains the restaurant concept, but I got no time to read! I need food ...

Being a special steamboat shop, it offers a total of 9 type of soup base for you to choose, including Original Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Curry Soup, Fish Head Soup, Porridge Soup, Golden Porridge Soup, Herb Soup, Bak Kut Teh Soup, and Thai Sour & Spicy Soup. Phew, long list, but good to know =) Not sure if I missed out anything here ... hehe ...

A choice of the Pick-and-Grill section. The food is also available in the menu, unless you would like to choose your own fresh food as shown above. Looks yummy, especially the meat stick.

Sauce section. Multiple choice of sauces to supplement your food. Someone need to guard the table, so I sent my wife!

My wife made her choice and took back as above. I'm a tradition man, just like the normal chilies =) The rest are too exciting for me. Hehe ...

We wanted to try out other choices, so we opted for the 100dC Sliced Beef Steamboat Set at RM22.80 for a single person. Where is the beef? It comes with next plate of following photo.

The beef is sliced in generous portion for a single person. Seriously, the entire portion is big and I don't think it's for a single person, unless you are really hungry. We wanted to order other grill stuff, so ...

Each single steamboat set only provide you with a single pot and single type of soup. We opted for the Bak Kut Teh because of the recommendation from the waitress. He said he takes Bak Kut Teh soup every night after work. The soup is normal, not too strong but it get very tasty after we mixed up the food & vegetables. Wonder why he choose Bak Kut Teh every night, is it other soups not nice? Not sure, shall try others next time.

One funny thing, the shop name is 100dC but the electronic boiler control allow you to throw in from 0dC all the way up to 240dC!! You will see the soup boil immediately, it's the first shop that allow me to set such a high temperature. Most of the time, I would stay at 80dC till 140dC, from keeping warm to cooking. Really need 240dC? But nice to play though =)

We love fish, so we took up the Grilled Stingray at RM16.80. We chose the Nyonya sauce and it's almost similar to what you got outside. The fish is fresh and again, the portion is very huge. We almost couldn't finish everything!

For drinks, I took up my favourite, Yam Pearl Milk Tea at RM4.50. Cheap for a restaurant like this but not a good choice if you are thirsty.

My wife took up the Honey Milk Longan at RM4.50. It's too sweet, and funny, they use Chinese longan type for this, thought expecting the white longan. Funny.

The total bill round up to RM51.05 including 5% service charge. A considerable cheap dinner for two adults! I thought it would cost more than RM60 considering their decoration and ambience. I've tried many steamboat restaurant, including the Shabu Shabu One Plus (premium steamboat restaurant) and the famous steamboat restaurant in Sri Petaling. This shop steamboat food is so-so only. No doubt a good try for cheap and quick dinner. It's nice for a little gathering & chit chat session as well.

Will I be back? I don't think so. I would just prefer the more traditional chinese steamboat restaurant nearby my place at Sri Petaling. I'm always looking into food quality, so it's preference. You might like this shop, so try it out.

100dC Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant
Location Coordinate: N3 05.448 E101 41.398

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