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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restoran Hoppy - Duck Rice @ SS2

We are running around the PJ area and got hungry. We are always hungry. So we opt for duck rice, yeah again. We are really duck lover, so duck rice again. I'm going to make a ranking list for duck soon, after i post up all the shops then we vote ok =P

For this time, we go to the shop that we visit regularly. It's called the Restoran Hoppy at SS2.

I believe lots of people will know this place because the giant duck they hang outside the shop!!

Malaysia weather so hot, really roast duck lo!

So back to food blogging, this is one of the few initial shop that we tried when we start hunting for duck rice.

A view of the front shop. This restaurant is one of the few duck rice shop that offer variety type of foods. I've came here many many times, but I've never tried anything other than their duck rice =P

A view from inside the shop. The place is air-conditioned so it's not that hot. It's fully packed when I got there, really good bussiness.

Usual, potrait shooting while waiting for the food. She is more like thinking, "hmm, should we get a full duck or half duck this time?"

We ordered the half Pie Par Roast Crispy Duck priced at RM20 and the portion is reasonable.

However, since I've tried so many duck, the duck meat texture is just a little hard to my liking. The skin is also not as crispy, but no doubt, it's one of the good duck rice shop around. I'm comparing to the best shop in Malaysia, so don't judge this shop with my comment though. The food here is good or else, why I come often?

The sweet & sour sauce that come with the duck. It taste "different" if you eat the duck together with this sauce. A nice touch of additional flavour to the already good duck.

Chilis, a must have for duck rice. I finished like 2 full small plates of these.

As mentioned earlier, my aim is food. So we go for the Sea Coconut Ice and Chinese Tea Ice due to the hot weather.

The duck sauce underneath the duck. It's very tasteful and as you can see, we finish every bit of the sauce. Mind you, the sauce cover almost the entire plate. Who have the last piece? Of course my wife did =)

The duck rice is one of the best around, or else it won't be shortlisted in my blog. The entire lunch cost us RM25.90 for two and very reasonable. For all duck lovers, try it out and we shall vote later for the best duck rice in Malaysia.

It mentioned 7th branch on the signboard, anyone mind pointing to me where is the first 6 branches?

Restaurant Hoppy - Duck Rice @ SS2
Location Coordinate: N3 07.163 E101 37.228


Ben said...

Sunrise has the best roast duck!

KVINLIM said...

Ben, you will be surprised. Somehow, sunrise is part of the finalist, but not the best. Let me list down the entire thing and try it out yourself and tell me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks KVinLim for your comment and your nice photos, we are appreciate your support and look forward to your finalist list.
from Duck King

Unknown said...

The shop bankrup or moved?? Can't find it

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