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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bangkok Village Thai Cuisine @ JB

It's a on-duty weekend again and we are not able to go back KL. It's a sad and lonely Friday night, so all of us are crying for a break-out from our invisible chain to do something special. My colleague, Simon, remembered a recommendation from the subcontractor about a Thai food somewhere in Johor Jaya, which is quite nice.

Excited, so off we go to search for this place. It's called Bangkok Village.

A visible sign board beside the road for the restaurant. The restaurant is kinda dark but if you take notice, it's not hard to find.

The restaurant is a little funny. The front part of the place is a Plant Nursery that selling all kind of plants and the restaurant is located at the rear side. We thought we got the wrong place.

Another shot of the greenery setup at the front portion of the restaurant. A very nice little walk after the dinner. Calm and comfortable.

The place is nicely decorated utilising it's plant from the nursery. The warm overhang lights provide a romantic ambience and I think it's quite a nice hangout place for couple. It's half packed when we got there with a mixture of family gathering & some couples.

The place is also decorated with this kind of water fountain decoration, which probably a showcase product for the nursery up front the door. Taking this just to "poison" my friends into photographing =P

Ok, enough of the environment and boring stuff, let's move to the real deal, Food! We have four in the group and decided to have a fulfilling dinner, meaning abandon the issue of getting fat ...

Yummy-licious Seafood Tom Yam Soup. They actually put charcoal in the middle to keep the soup warm, you can see the soup boiling in the middle. It's very good but not enough spicy to my liking, however, still a thumb-up from all of us. It's good until I'm scratching my head how to pour the rest of the soup into my bowl, the charcoal from the middle with fall off wo, can't make it in the end.

Deep Fried Prawn Egg. Good and one of the best deep fried egg I've eaten in JB. A little salty as complaint by my friends, but I like it as it is.

This is heavenly good. They ate it before I manage to snap the photo! Can't remember what this dish is called, but super nice. Sorry for the name, just print this photo out and show to the waitress!! A must order.

The usual Pandan Chicken and the taste is as expected, tasteful. The portion is normal but not important, because our taste buds are blinded by the fish.

Pineapple Fried Rice. It's not one of the best I've tried but no doubt, it's good. A must order to go with Thai Food, I supposed.

Ray, crazy fella, super bored, super hungry and so willingly posing for me to try out my dSLR.

Ok la, let's see a better shot of him. This photo is taken with rear slow curtain sync built-in flash. My first try on this function and I heard it's essential for wedding dinner shooting. Can't get a hold of it yet because my photos end up blur most of the time. Take note on the 1/2s shutter, how to get steady clear shot? Will try again ...

Overall, super nice Tom-Yam food retreat in JB. Never expect to find such a good Thai Food in JB. As expected with Thai decent dinner, it cost us slightly over hundred ringgits and I would say it's fairly priced. 100% will be back when I'm craving for some Thai food again at this abandon land (sorry to JB folks, just miss KL too much). Slurp, I don't think I'll need to wait very long.

Bangkok Village - Thai Cuisine
Location Coordinate: N1 33.578 E103 48.041

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