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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photography: James & Ely Wedding

I've been very busy on the last weekend with 2 wedding assignments. One of it is my best friend, James' Wedding. I took over thousand photos for both weddings and it's taking me forever to sort it out.

James is my college mate since 2001 and since then we have been friends till university and even work colleagues. He is one of my best friend around and my apology to him for not able to make it to be his "heng dei" to help him get his wife from the evil "ji mui". Hope I can make it up with my photos in your wedding dinner. It's one of the grandest hall I've seen with impressive arrangement. I enjoyed it very much.

Congratulations and Wish James & Ely Together Forever. Hope you guys love the photos. Cheers.

Grand Hall in Loong Seng Restaurant in Nilai that seat 500 guest!



Happily Married! Manage to grab the busy cute couple for a shot before heading home =)

From left: Chuah (Another crazy photographer, Canon 400D user) with his wife, James, Ely, my wife, and me.

And finally, there is always some funny moments in the wedding that makes me can't stop laughing.

The groom is happily toasting and shouting "yuuummmm se...." and suddenly ...

James said "What Da ..." I take a look at what that fella doing, he is watching the video clip shown on the slide! Caught him doing that at every table! Hehe ... James' expression is priceless! He must be wondering what da heck is that thing on his head. Haha, I'm still laughing ...


Ehsien Tee said...

nice shooting...&sweet memory,seem all the people are enjoying.

KVINLIM said...

ops, miss this out. thanks for the compliment.

Wenni Donna said...

Oh wow such stunning indoor wedding reception it was. These colors are just fantastic. I am really impressed with these party photos. My cousin also will get hitched to his love in the next month. They will have a stunning vintage ceremony at one of the event locations in LA. We all are super excited for this day.

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