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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home Town Steamboat @ Sri Petaling

I'm staying nearby Sri Petaling and foodies would know that steamboat is famous in the area. Recently there is this steamboat restaurant that has been opening up aggressively around Klang Valley, so we decided to check it out.

Home Town Steamboat Restaurant, as of I'm writing now, they already have 8 outlets around the Klang Valley. That's very fast, considering they only open up their first Setapak branch in Year 2006. It looks a little empty because we went very early on weekdays, but assure you that it's packed on weekends, so you are reminded to make online booking to avoid waiting time.

Part of the interior, very clean and colourful decoration although most of the label does not mean anything.

As we leave, the shop is pretty empty, but they do have lots of tables and chairs, ensure that you will seated no matter the crowds.

More smaller table along the corridor, suitable even for small family or couple to enjoy a good steamboat. Beautiful part is, the inner side is air-conditioned. It's open door concept, but still the breeze air will help. Parents with babies will definitely appreciate this.

For those that's hungry, they also have a counter for BBQ chicken wings, so depends on what you fancy. Somehow BBQ chicken wings is a trend for steamboat restaurant in Sri Petaling, weird combination right?

Standard platter is given to all tables for all sauces needed, not much choice, but it's enough.

We have around 10 people this round, so we ordered set for 7 people, and this plate show up on our table. Set for a person is RM16.50 with free Signature Clear Soup. I will come to that later. Best part that I love about this place is, they do allow you to order 1 set only, as most steamboat restaurant out there need minimum 2 sets to serve you. Perfect for couple that has a small eater girlfriend / wife. I will come to this place for this reason alone.

2nd plate come together, and good thing is, the ingredients are all fresh so it's all good. The portion is also quite good.

The usual yee mee that we took that come with the set, we also taken bee hun choice.

Raw Sliced Mutton for RM27, and it's good. Must go with the sauce, and don't dip into the steamboat for too long else the meat get too hard.

Home Made Ipoh Style Pork Tendon Balls priced at RM5.90 each plate. This is not some processed food that you see normally, but self made by the restaurant, it's good.

Signature Pork slices for RM18.00, it's pretty good freshness and texture, love it.

Bamboo Tube Fish Paste priced at RM9.90. It looks pretty plain comparing to the menu, and ended up we cut it into pieces ourself and throw into the steamboat pot. Again this is self made, not some cold storage fish paste, so it's good.

Ok, now back to the soup for the steamboat, they basically have 4 types. The Signature Clear Soup, award winning Signature Tom Yam Soup, Hong Kong Style Porridge in Claypot and Pumpkin Style Porridge in Claypot, where the latter two will cost you an additional RM4 for half and RM8 for full pot. Clear Soup and Tom Yam Soup can add unlimited, but the Porridge will cost you more if you decided to top up at the price mentioned.

Obviously we taken half Signature Clear Soup and half Hong Kong Style Porridge for this round, and my advice? Avoid porridge at all cost. It's not that bad, but with this family size, we tend to eat a little longer and the porridge started to burn. The taste is so bad and can even smell from where we seated. Ended up half way of dinner, we have to abandon the porridge totally. There is also no way to shut off fire for half the pot, so no choice. Need better thoughts on this if you ask me.

Overall the food is good, the ingredients are fresh with lots of variety and importantly, the place is clean, air-conditioned and family friendly. If you are looking for steamboat, rest assure this place got all you got. It's one of the modernised steamboat outlet and I love it for being clean and babies friendly. They also have lots staff to help around, so thumbs up for that.

Home Town Steamboat
38A-G, Jalan Radim Anum
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 9059 2688
Location Coordinate:
Opening Hours: 5.00pm to 12.00am everyday


Jun said...

wow, I hope one day can go there and enjoy the food!

Anonymous said...

If we would like have own steamboat session at own home, can we buy just soup from them, but not the food.

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