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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Loam Mit Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Bandar Baharu

With my mum's village located nearby Penang, we always make our trips back there and at the same time find seafood while on the way. For those food lovers, they would know that there are lots of awesome seafood restaurant along the route from Ipoh to Penang as it's close to lots of fishing village, and today I will introduce you one of the shop that I think it is awesome.

I bring you to the ulu kampung place named Loam Mit Thai Seafood Restaurant.

The Loam Mit Thai Seafood Restaurant located in no where =P

Hey, this is not exactly what you expect? This is exactly what you should look for if you want to find some real fresh seafood in fishing village, that's how most of them looks like. If it's pretty, then it's probably commercialized to rip tourist off. These are what we can neighborhood restaurant, where if they charge expensive, they probably will close shop as they rely on locals to support them as well.

Seafood restaurant, sure got some fancy aquarium with fresh seafoods lively swimming around? This is how it looks like, not exactly what you expect also? Again, please forget about what you seeing in big city seafood restaurant, those are just fancy thing to keep us city people feel good. But the emptiness of the aquarium worries me a little also haha ...

Check out the food, that's the real thing to look out for below.

First to come is the Soy Sauce Steam Fresh Prawns. I'm going to keep the price till last to reveal, for now just enjoy the photos of the food. As what you can expect, the prawns are directly from the fishermen nearby, and it's fresh with good texture and taste. My advice for you guys out there, if you are eating fresh prawns, COOK IT WITH STEAM ONLY, don't spoil it with any other sauce or etc. Else you are missing the point!

Next to come is the awesome Steam Soy Sauce Soon Hock aka Marble Goby Fish. For those that know Soon Hock, you would know the price is crazy expensive in Malaysia, but it's one of the best due to the meat texture. And coming fresh from sea, this is awesome plate. For this fish, again don't spoil it with other type of cooking, just plan steam with soy sauce is awesome already.

One fish is not enough, so we got another fish. Steam Spicy Sour Pak Su Kong aka Catfish. Pak Su Kong is our favourite also, more affordable price, and good fish meat as well. The sauce is a bit too sour, but that goes very well with the rice!

Some seafood fried rice to go with the seafood, and it's ok.

Being in a Thai Seafood Restaurant, must also order a bowl of Tom Yam, else it's a bit weird. Best thing is, the family is really from Thailand, so it's hot and spicy kaw! Not for the faint hearted this thing, but I love it! Forget about the ingredients, the seafood earlier is must tastier!

Finally some greens to go with the meal, nothing fancy.

This is the aftermath of the lunch, and we walloped every single piece of meat sighted. Notice even the bones are missing?? It's that good, and you will also notice the style of cooking is all steam, with normal soy sauce except the Tom Yam and the Spicy Sour Pak Su Kong (Catfish).

The food is awesome, double thumbs up, freshness guarantee but it's located no where. Why you would even bother? The best part is saved for the last, which is the price. Here is a summary for your eye popping moment.

Steam Soon Hock (Marble Goby Fish) - RM95.00
Steam Soy Sauce Fresh Prawns - RM48.00
Steam Spicy Sour Pak Su Kong (Catfish) - RM40.00
Vegetables - RM7.00
Seafood Tom Yam Soup - RM9.00
Fried Bee Hoon - RM6.00
Fried Rice - RM5.00
Total damage? RM210.00 to feed 6 person.

I don't know about you, but that price is pretty awesome for the meal. Note that the serving of the prawns and fish are big enough to fill 6 adults, and we all walk away satisfied! Maybe it's not dirt cheap to worth the effort to purposely drive over for the lunch, but if you happen to pass by the area, must drop by! I bet you can't even afford the Soon Hock with the same price in KL, haha.

You got the point, just go and try it out. There are still lots of seafood village restaurant around, I will try to share as much as possible in future. For now if you rely on me only, try this out first. I will try to feed you more =)

ps: don't let the Kedah address scared you off, it's located between boundary of Perak & Penang, accessible from detour from North South Highway on Exit 153 Persimpangan Bandar Baharu.

Loam Mit Thai Seafood Restaurant
No.90, Jalan Satu
Bagan Samak
34950 Bandar Baharu, Kedah
Tel: +605 717 3068
Location Coordinate: N5° 5'35.0" E100° 33'34.3" - thanks to reader input =)
Opening Hours: 12.00pm till 11.00pm


Anonymous said...

gps coordinates of the shop is
N 5°05'35.0"
E 100°33'34.3"
i recorded this gps coordinates when i was in the shop ...

KVINLIM said...

Updated, thanks for the coordinate =)

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