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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Departure Lounge @ Damansara Uptown

New Year 2014, and that come with new resolution to do better than 2013. Bringing you the first food blog of 2014, a breakfast place located in the Damansara Uptown. This area is mushrooming with lots of hip places recently, and more and more people frequented it during weekends, which normally it's a bit dead comparing to weekdays. That's definitely welcome, let's see what we got here.

Departure Lounge, such catchy name for a breakfast place, you might mistaken this place as not for food if you don't take a closer look. As you can see, they have espresso bar, breakfast, sandwiches and travel library. Travel library? Let's find out.

This is the open bar concept with cashier right behind the bar. Clean and sleek design, all well for a relaxing café.

Here is how it looks like on the inside of the café, they do have a few tables outside that's not air-conditioned to cater for smokers (not much of those love fresh air as it will be polluted with 2nd hand smokes. Clean wooden table, simple lightings, transparent comfortable plastic chair, just how you should start a day with healthy breakfast.

They serves all day breakfast, and this is the order chit for your choices. Note that you can choose 3 items, 5 items of 7 items at RM8.90, RM11.90 and RM13.90 respectively. So just tick what you fancy, and you can have 2 servings of the same as well if you want, no restrictions. It's a real bargain for the 7 items platter where it's only RM13.90! Where else you want to get a 7 items breakfast for that price? It's real cheap and that's why the place is always crowded, I warned you.

If you fancy some ala carte, here is the menu, quite a wide range of food choices for a café if you ask me, and the price is reasonable as well. You will have to go and place the order at the cashier and pay on the spot then they will deliver the foods to your table.

This is the boarding pass, to recognize for food delivery. Nice.

As we are waiting for foods, can't help to look at the range of photos on the walls, it's all proper printed photos quality, not those normal printer paper thingy, and wondering if it's from the customers or the owner for decoration purposes, but it does looks nice and brighten the whole place up.

At the entrance, there is the travel library, where they have a wide range of travelling guide books with translation books in place for your to explore your next destination while you waiting for 'boarding'. It's quite a good idea for those that's looking to explore next destination at a comfort of café, rather than browsing it at the magazine corner. Eating breakfast, sipping coffee while discussing next travel destination, sounds good.

First to come is the Classic Caesar's Salads priced at RM9.90

Here is my super 7 items breakfast platter that cost only RM13.90. I choose scramble eggs, button mushrooms, bacon, ham, sausages, hash brown, and toast. The quality is OK, not awesome, not bad. I'm a satisfied customer for that price range they charging. Would recommend to anyone to try it out.

Here is what my sister ordered, similar, but fish finger instead and something else is missing. She ate it already before I manage to snap the photos! This plate go for RM11.90, just add RM2 more for the big breakfast!!

Now this is more like it, another RM13.90 platter for my sister, with additional greens.

While for the rest of us, we decided to try something from the ala-carte menu just to check them out. My in-law ordered the Scramble Eggs with Greens cost RM8.90. It's the same as the breakfast set, and I think the breakfast set is cheaper, so don't bother.

What I got for myself is the Pancake Tower priced at RM7.90. It's cheap but not good. The honey is not nice, pancake is not nice, banana slices served with skin (can eat??). The ala-carte food seems bad, but the breakfast is good and cheap. I ordered the long black and it's normal only, nothing to shout about.

There you go, Departure Lounge in Damansara Uptown for a breakfast or brunch. I won't be back myself, because I stay quite far away. But if I'm in the neighborhood someday, definitely will go again for another affordable breakfast.

Departure Lounge Café
10 Jalan SS21/39
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7725 1682
Location Coordinate: N3° 8'12.46" E101°37'17.16"
Opening Hours: 8.00am till 7.00pm (Mon to Sat), 8am till 5pm (Sun), closed on Tuesday

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