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Friday, March 29, 2013

Barossa Restaurant-Wine-Bar @ Holland Village, Singapore

I've been missing in action for a while from blogging because I'm transferred to Singapore for a short term job assignment since last August. Busy schedule, so didn't have much chance to hunt for good food in Singapore, but managed to get some last month when my wife & son come visit me. Taking the opportunity to taste some best food in Singapore. Introduced to Holland Village by my good friends, and I brought my wife & son over as well to find something nicer for both of us.

We longing for some good romantic Western food after separated for such long duration, and I decided on this corner restaurant along Holland Village.

Barossa Restaurant, taking up the corner lot along the famous Holland Village in Singapore. They also have a branch in Esplanade Mall, Singapore.

The restaurant is quite small, only manage to squeeze a few small tables in the shop, and the rest of teh tables are scattered along the corridor with open door concept. The lighting is nice, it's obviously designed for a good catchup and beer time with friends. We visited on Friday night, so there is this live music that only available in Holland Village Barossa every Thursday and Friday. Lucky night, some good foods, good drinks, and good music.

Let's go see what we ordered.

Me and my wife are always meat lover, and we ordered their Signature dish, Char Grilled T-Bone Steak that cost SGD34.00. You can choose 2 sides to go with the dish, and we taken curly fries and Asparagus & Bacon. Everything is served with some greens on a wooden board, and it feels good. The steak is great, juicy and medium well done just as we ordered it. Greens are great addition, and the sides and good as well. We love it.

Next up is the King Scallop Pasta priced at SGD22.00. The size of the scallop is crazy and it's damn juicy and delicious. Somehow it's kind of weird to go with pasta for the scallop, but it's so good that we just love it. Took us around 4 bites to clear the King Scallop, that big. The pasta is good and Asparagus is fresh.

I'm not really an aclohol person and I need to drive back, so taken the Soda Fruit Punch. Nothing to shout or complain about, all good.

Problem with the good ambience and music? Some beer to go along of course. My wife wanted some drinks to go with the dinner, so she ordered a glass of Archi Pelago beer, and she got another glass for free. Happy hour, buy 1 free 1. Drank some of it, and it's damn good. Smooth with good taste. I used to be a lover of Hoegaarden, now I love Archi Pelago as well. Can't remember exactly how much is the glass, but it's almost same price as the soda earlier! They definitely know how to encourage you to enjoy the glass of beer in their turf.

The price is not exactly expensive nor cheap, but if compare it to those fancy shop in Orchard Road, I can assure you that this place is more bang for the money. Forget about dining in Orchard hoping to find some good food, I tried a few shops there, and none of them is cheaper and better food quality that Barossa. For this quality of food, I would even recommend it to Malaysian, you will probably need to pay the same amount of RM to get the same quality of food in Malaysia.

Double thumbs up from me, and I'm definitely going back to savour another round of good food before I'm transfer back to KL for good. They have a whole different menu in Esplanade branch, would try over there as well. Cheers.

Barossa Restaurant-Bar-Wine
22 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277681
Tel: 6468 4688
Location Coordinate: N1°18'41.74" E103°47'41.93"
Opening Time: 12.00pm till 3.00pm and 6.00pm till 1.00am (Monday to Friday) and 12.00pm till 1.00am (Saturday and Sunday). They extend their operation till 2am on Friday and Saturday.


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