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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chung Kee "Dai Shu Geok" @ Ipoh

In Ipoh, there are lots of good food around, but then everyone is asking me what else to eat in Ipoh? I tell them yong tau fu, then they said isn't the best yong tau fu is in Ampang? I replied, yes, because Ipoh's style yong tau fu is not called as such. We called them liu fun. Don't know how to explain, but it's been that way for long long time. It's almost the same thing basically, just that we don't eat them with rice.

This is the famous Chung Kee "Dai Shu Geok" in Ipoh. Dai Shu Geok meaning Big Tree Foot. The name is given because Chung Kee is originally located below a very big tree, so Ipoh people call the place Big Tree Foot rather than Chung Kee. It's well known, any Ipoh people will be able to point the direction.

New outlet, more spacious, more hygienic, and more comfortable. I personally don't like it, because I think it lost its charm of being a neighbourhood stall churning out good food. However, with a baby in tow, this environment is definitely more convenient for family. Appreciate it also.

Alright, here is the typical set-up of the Chung Kee stalls. They pre-prepare all the food, and put them up the tray in their respective type, and you take what you fancy. It's much more organise now comparing to old times, so all good. Once you make your choice, then they will cook / fry it for you.

More trays for fried stuff, all good. Remember to take their signature dish, fried sar kok. The tray that the pink shirt lady is taking from. Best of the best.

The price is basically all displayed on the board hanged up the roof at the stall. RM0.50-RM0.60 for the usual piece of yong tau fu, and affordable RM1.20 for the mee.

Basic simple bowl of dry bihun + laifun. The serving is not very big, so take 2 plates if you must, especially the guy.

Clear and delicious hor fun in soup. Ipoh still serve the best hor fun and taugeh, but the soup is normal only. You want something special, still go back to the Nga Choy Kei please.

A bowl of fried stuff, crazy delicious. We got fried wanton, fried fu chuk, fried sar kok, all are the famous yong tau fu that dai shue geok offer since I'm very young. It still taste incredibly good, especially the fried sar kok that I mentioned earlier.

My mum's favourite, the chili and lady finger yong tau fu. It's kind of weird to put fish paste into chili and lady finger to turn it into a food right? Cannot accept ... haha

Healthy food, fried taufu and steamed taufu for a healthy heart. The soup is crazily good as well.

Last is the fried yau char kuey and fried brinjal, equally good, irressistible.

This is the original dai shue geok where the stall originally located. Due to hygienic problem, government force them to more over, but they still maintain a small outlet there, for those that fancy some dirty eatery, haha.

Some people might comment that it's so so yong tau fu only, but I can assure you, when every Ipoh people know this place, it's nice place. It just manage to keep drawing people back to eat their yong tau fu despite the comments. Don't put too much expectations, and enjoy the local food that's enjoy by all Ipoh people. I've been eating here since I know what is fish ball, and I still go back when I have the chance. I don't know about you, but I love it!

Chung Kee "Dai Shue Geok" Stall
1427 Jalan Prince
Kampung Pasir Pinji Baru

31650 Ipoh, Perak
Location Coordinate: N4°34'56.12" E101° 5'8.65"
Opening Time: 8.30am - 5.30pm

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