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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant @ Ipoh

Visited this place time ago, and since I'm free now, trying to clear off my outstanding posting as much as possible. If you are in Ipoh, and suddenly craving for Japanese food, how? Every town will have some nice places for these kind of food, and in Ipoh, I introduce you the Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant. Most of the Ipoh boys and girls will know this place, as they serve one of the cheapest and best quality food in the town.

Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant, located in the new shop lots within the Ipoh Garden East. It's not hard to find, and it takes up 2 lots with rooms available.

Interior, the bar counter is all clean and sleek. It's not one of the best looking restaurant, but they do looks professional. Talked to the owner and their fish are directly imported from Japan every Tuesday. So if you are looking for fresh Japanese fish, go on Wednesday. Not sure if they have changed that though. Why run so far to KL for a Japan fish lunch/dinner?

Chuka Kurage @ RM4.80. A good seasoned jelly fish as appetizer. The quality is matchable to reputable restaurant, all good with ok pricing.

Chuka Chinmi @ RM4.80. Another appetizer for seasoned scallops. Same, good quality for affordable pricing. Depends on whats your fancy, they also have Chuka Idako at same price.

Now come the signature dish from the Akamomiji, the Kyuri Maki @ RM11.80. It's also known as cucumber maki and my whole family love it. I'm a little sceptical on cucumber, never a fan, but it tastes good. The freshness and crunchy of the cucumber makes thing different. A must order, because you won't be able to find any place else.

Soft Shell Crab Maki, can't remember the price. It's all good, my dad love this is the most, probably because of the mayonaise sauce, very appetising.

Sesame Salmon Skin Maki, also dont know what price. Crunchy, and a good roll to kill the hunger.

Grilled Salmon Fish Head, dont know what price, but it's my favourite. I will normally sure order this in every Japanese restaurant, because it's normally priced dirt cheap. Reason only because people dont know how to eat fish head, and they prefer meat only. For those that can eat fish head, this plate is heaven like. Lots of meat, lots of fats, and dirt cheap price. I leanred this by intro by my mum, nice.

Kushi Yaki Mori @ RM12.80, mixture of 5 mixed skewered meat & seafood. Averaging RM2.50 each piece, reasonably cheap and it's tasting good. A little salty on the sauce, but a squeeze of lemon is doing it all good. Must order for me, love bbq stuff =)

Ninmiku Chahan @ RM3.80. There have a few type of fried rice, and it's all quite good. The garlic fried rice is fluffy good and nice to eat with the rest of the food together. The price is reasonable too, no complain.

Ebi Kisu Tempura @ RM16.80. The quality of the tempura here is so so only, but for those tempura lover, it can might just enough to kill your desire.

The price is reasonable and the food quality is good. It's consider one of the best in Ipoh in my opinion and if I'm looking for Japanese food in Ipoh, this place top my list for now. It's not all thumbs up though, stick to their fish, and their sashimi is all good. Talk to the boss if possible, and get them to introduce, the beauty of enjoying food in a small town. How often you meet the boss in KL restaurant? Not unless you are celebrity or important figure.

They also have the weirdest opening time, check out below.

Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant
36-38 Medah Ipoh 1E
Medah Ipoh Bistari
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605 546 8368
Location Coordinate: N4°37'11.85" E101° 7'1.68"
Operating Hours: 12pm-10pm (Mon-Wed), 11am-2pm 6pm-10pm (Thu), 12pm-4am (Fri-Sat), 11am-10pm (Sun)

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