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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Penang

Been to Penang a few times so far, and this round I travel with a friend of mine, and he said want to eat the yummilicious Nasi Kandar in Penang. I asked him what's that, and he went like ... He asked me, you really don't know? I said no, then off we go to find the famous Nasi Kandar in Penang Island.

Introducing the Nasi Kandar Line Clear, hey, that's very weird name. Line Clear?? It's located just along the Jalan Penang and few shops away from the junction of Lebuh Chulia. Do notice that there are two shops in the photos, the Line Clear and the Yasmeen. Don't mistaken that they are the same, Line Clear is the famous one, Yasmeen is just another imitation trying to take advatanges of the fame, usual case.

Then you complain, where is it? It's along the road beside Yasmeen, and here is the entrance, hehe. It's not even a proper shop, and here is the entrance. Maybe that's why they are famous. As you can see, people line up all the way until outside, and the black shirt with stripes guy is lining up too.

This is the line of people queueing up, and the food is in the middle of the "restaurant". People mountain, people sea. I easily counted 30 people infront of us, but it's moving fast!

Drink maker diligently churning out drinks and they use lots of ice! Their signature drink is the Sirap Limau, very delicious, and good to kill the thirst in the hot Malaysia weather.

Pots and pots of curry under preparation along the queue and you can see it along the way. Maybe not so hygienic leaving it open, but it smell very good. Interesting to see how it's prepared.

After a long queue, finally we able to see the stalls. Basically just take a plate of nasi kandar and choose what you fancy. Simple and they will calculate your bill at your table.

Nasi Kandar on a big stainless steel bowl, beautiful.

Choose your fancy on side dishes to go with the Nasi Kandar, lots of choice and they don't rush you, so good service.

Large bowl of Fried Chicken, bottomless bowl as they keep refilling it.

Super large fish head with chilies, yummy.

Plenty of seats around, but limited space, so all sharing tables, no need to ask. Find a spot and just start enjoying your meal =)

Wall of fame, all the famous people that visited the shops, didn't pay attention though on whose those people. Must be some big shots, good to know.

This is what we get, a plate of wet Nasi Kandar. This is our snacks time and we are sharing, so we take up vegetables, fried chicken and lots of sauces. How it taste? I'm not really a Nasi Kandar fans, it's good but not fabulously delicious, as I have no comparison. The sauce it's a little spicy and with the hot weather, I'm just sweating all over. Anyhow I won't be urge to return to try it out again, as I think it's pretty normal. For whoever visiting Penang, I think it's a must stop for everyone, as this is one of the most famous tourist spot. It's a little weird that you don't know this place if you are in Penang, so do drop by.

Anyone mind giving a more specific description on the special Nasi Kandar?

Hygiene wise, it's up to personal review. This is a sample of their wash sink, not very pretty, so I give you a heads up on what to expect =)

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Nasi Kandar, and I also not sure how to compare. It is sure delicious, but it's not mind blowing enough to makes me miss it to go back for another plate in any near future. However, I think this is an important landmark for food blogger and food lover. If you have not try these, I don't think you are a food lover, as how can you miss out the best Nasi Kandar that's acknowledged by the mass public? Try it out, I'm sure it is delicious, it is Line Clear Nasi Kandar =)

Nasi Kandar Line Clear
177 Jalan Penang
10000 Penang
Tel: 04 261 4440
Opening Time: You didn't notice? It's 24 hours! So go anytime you fancy, please =)
Location Coordiante: N5°25'10.41" E100°19'56.42"

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