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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yang Kee Beef Noodle @ OUG

I've been staying nearby OUG for a long long time, and all these while I'm not aware of this place that serves one of the best beef noodles! My best friend CW brought me over the other day, and I got really surprise on how the delicious is the food, which me as a food blogger don't even aware of its existence. Talk about finding gems within own farm.

Introducing the best beef noodles in this tiny shop named Yang Kee Beef Noodles. It's located just along the shop of "famous" Steven's Corner within the OUG.

The shop is all airy, clean, and bright. Plastic chair and plastic table all around, and the cooking is all done at the back. They hang up those red decoration, earlier I thought it's some kinda japanese restaurant, haha.

Here is an overview of the shops, lots of table, no problem finding a seat.

Usual drinks, nothing special. Let's move to food.

First to introduce is their Yong Tau Fu. Forget about the soup type. Get to the back of the shop, pick your fancy fried Yong Tau Fu and they will serve to your table. Each piece is RM1.20 and it's so so delicious! I'm not sure what oil they used to fry these stuff, but it's really very very delicious. One of the best fried Yong Tau Fu ever! Must try, and it's sinfully oily.

Now come to the higlight, beef noodles. We ordered up the mixed beef noodles that's priced at RM6.00 and this is what you will get. I always order my mee in dry, so that I will get the best of both world on dry mee with soups. I love the noodles the most, and it's crazily delicious with the minced beef and it's sauce at the bottom of the bowl.

In comparison, the higlight of the beef noodles, the beef soup, it's quite normal though. The taste of the soup is not strong enough, but the beef ingredients consist of beef brisket, beef meat balls, beef stomach, and beef meat slices are all good and delicious. Seems like the higlight is on the fried Yong Tau Fu and the noodles. At least that's how I feel. It's enough to draw me back every time.

My friend sick of the beef, so we order up the wantan mee instead for RM5.30. Forget abot this, I scolded him for eating wantan mee in beef shop! Crazy that fella.

The whole lunch with three of us ended up with RM32.00 bill. That's ok, considering we took up 8 pieces of Yong Tau Fu with drinks. This place is one of my favourite breakfast / lunch place for now. I frequented this place for more than 10 times in the span of 2 months. I don't eat out that often, and it's really good, you will know. If I have 3 thumbs, I give it a 3 thumbs! So for now, 2 thumbs up from me. Try it out, it's really delicious, but sinful. I warned you =)

Yang Kee Beef Noodles Restaurant
52 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2
Taman OUG
Kuala Lumpur
Location Coordinate: N3° 4'21.63" E101°40'21.65"
Opening Hours: 8.30am-7.00pm. Closed on Mondays. Closed at 4pm on Sunday and Holiday.


Aun Heng said...

Hmmmm.. this looks familiar.

KVINLIM said...

u bet its familiar, mr. wantanmee!

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