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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow @ Penang

My stay in Penang continues and how I can miss out the famous Char Kuey Teow in this food heaven land. After a good search, I found two places. One of it is Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow stall located along the Jalan Dato Keramat.

This is the stall, Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow and if you look closer, the regular plate will cost you RM5.00 while a special plate will cost you RM9.00! That's not cheap for a special plate, but what's included? Check out below. There is also an option to use duck egg instead of chicken egg for an additional RM0.50, take it up. You don't go there just to eat a normal plate of Char Kuey Teow, tick all the options for maximum enjoyment =)

Each time I got there I also met this uncle with a young lady assisting him. Looking at the way he prepare the Char Kuey Teow is an entertainment. He work slowly and you got to wait for a while for your plate. The serving is slow partly due to his speed, not the crowd. It's worth the wait, trust me.

The stall is located in the Khoon Hiang Cafe located at the cross road of Jalan Dunlop and Jalan Dato Keramat. You are likely to miss it if you are coming from Komtar direction, but look out for Jalan Dunlop. If you can't find it then you probably miss it. I went there twice and missed it twice, sigh.

Alright, first to come is the regular plate of Char Kuey Teow and it's served with duck egg. This plate cost RM5.50 and it's not cheap but I'm alright with it considering their super large size of prawns. It's super fresh and super size. The only problem is, as you can see, the portion is very small. Covering only half of the plates is not going to get you going. A highlight is the duck egg, somehow it gives a very special taste to the Char Kuey Teow, raising its overall taste to a higher level.

Here come the special plate that's priced at RM9.50 with duck egg. Note the colour difference. I ate this plate on my 2nd trip back to Penang few weeks later, and I order the special plate instead. No regret, this is what you should order. Forget about the regular plate. The price is easily worth it. There are four pieces of large prawn, and more cockles with some additional mantis prawn! Add in the duck egg, this plate became the best Char Kuey Teow I've ever eaten. It's so good that it's not expressable on words. Try it out, just go.

Don't even compare the quality of Penang Char Kuey Teow with others, it's just special and very nice. Not the Char Kuey Teow in KL is not nice, but just that Penang serves much better Char Kuey Teow only. How is it compare to the 2nd stall I'm going to blog about, stay tuned for updates later.

With my write-up above, what's there more to say? Just make sure you don't miss it if you happen to be in Penang. I'm definitely heading back for as many plate as possible before the uncle can't move anymore.

Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow
Khoon Hiang Cafe
Jalan Dato Keramat
10150 Penang
Opening Time: 8.30am till 2.30pm (Closed on Thursday)
Location Coordinate: N5 24.776 E100 19.171

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