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Friday, January 28, 2011

Registration for Energizer Night Race 2011

I've made a promise to complete a full marathon run this year and it's one of my resolution for 2011. Immediately after the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010, I keep on searching for the next run, and the upcoming event is the Energizer Night Race 2011!

With my healing knee and to keep myself going-in, I quickly register myself to make sure I don't change my mind. I'm not going for a full marathon this time, but another 21km run to prepare myself for the upcoming real challenge.

Here is my registration and it's indicated runner pack will be ready for collection from 25th March onwards at The Curve and Tropicana. Otherwise you can always head up to SIC on that day for collection, but as usual, my advice would still be no to avoid the crowds and wasting unnecessary energy before the run. I still need everything I got for the run.

Read more for maps & strategy.

Here is the running route plan for 21km marathon and it's a giant loop around the entire SIC follow by two runs of the SIC track. There is a total of 7 water station around the run, funny thing is how close the last water station is positioned to the finishing line. That will give a final push to every runners on the track. It will be a messy turn =)

I've heard that the Energizer Night Run has a very generous running pack, including a Energizer head lamp that cost easily 30 bucks. Considering the registration of the 21km run is RM55, that's almost 50% of the registration fees already! Nice, and there are some interesting packs as well, will share when I got the running pack later.

Looking at the route, I can see a problem with the route, is the giant loop around the SIC. From my experience in driving around the area, there are lots of high-low ground and the slope is quite crazy and might kill off my fragile muscle. It's too far for me to do a survey, will see how it goes, might need some cross training instead for this run.

Here is an aerial view of the Sepang International Circuit with it's circuit measured 5.543km and a total of 15 turns around. I think the worst part would be the long run (approximately 2.6~2.7km) before the tight hairpin into the starting / fininshing line, a long road without end is easily the most demotivated part. It looks scary enough from this aerial view, hopefully it's a good weather this time.

For registration of 21km run, the registration fees is RM55 for early bird, that's before 31st Janauary 2011, while registration afterwards will cost you and additional RM15 to your wallet. They are giving out shirt as well and it's from New Balance as usual. Funny thing is how come they are giving out black colour for night run? Don't they have common sense to wear brighter shirt at night for visibility?? Anyway I took up the XL size, hopefully its not too small =)

As said earlier, it's good to participate and who cares if you can't finish the run, it's a small money to give yourself a motivation to keep running and be fit. I'm just taking this chance to proof myself that I'm qualify for the full marathon later, if I'm not bed ridden for the whole day this time. Wish me luck.

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