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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A day before KL Marathon 2010

This is a little old post and the delay is because I'm concentrating in my 10km run preparation. Finally it's over and have some free time to post everything up. Let's see. The collection of running pack is open for 3 days before the run at Stadium Titiwangsa. I went over to do the collection on Saturday and somehow all the people that we come across that day is involved in the KL Marathon 2010. The guy that's walking on the street, the lady waiting the bus, the couple walking on the park, motorcyclist on the road, the guy that tapau the chicken rice and etc. All carrying the running pack! Phew. Took me a while to get a car park and quickly I run into the stadium.

The stadium is basically empty, I suppose most of the people have already collected their pack on the earlier days. The line up section of the 10km run is almost 4~5 times the length of the Full Marathon or Half Marathon. I suppose majority of the participants are into the 10km run, what to say, it's challenging but still within limit of most ordinary people, like me. The total participants is estimated to be over 15,000 people, so at least 5,000 into 10km? Going to be congested!

All counters are opened and I'm directed to Half Marathon counter to quicken the process. Suddenly I'm worried because I didn't bring any confirmation slip or reference number with me. Luckily, they identified me with just my Identity Card. They passed me the L size shirt, goodies pack and wish me luck. That's all I need.

Just right at the exit side of the stadium is the illustration video and some poster showing the tagging of the D-tag that will be use for personal timing during the marathon. This is also available online in the website, but I still stay around to confirm the procedure. Piece of cake, move on.

My friend told me that he got himself some power gel (sounds funny when a guy tell you that), that's essential for marathon runner. As I headed out, I saw these tents set-up that selling all kind of stuff for marathon runner. Immediately spotted the powergel and I start reading.

There is a recommended power gel consumption on the duration of the race. In fact there are different pack with different contents and caffeine to suit the needs of the race. The above shown for 42km plan, and being kiasu as first timer, I grab 2 packs for the recommended 1st Gel and 2nd Gel that can last me up to 15km. Each pack is cost at RM6 but offering at RM5 that day. Cheap RM10 that I think can save my life. The plan is to consume the 1st gel pre-run and 2nd gel at 8km. Does it works? Stay tuned.

A photoshot by my wife before we heads up for the car. I didn't lose any weight even after my on-off training. I suppose I gained some muscle weight and lose some fats, not sure, just guessing.
*comforting self ...

Ok, here is the running pack that's given. A New Balance shirt to the size of your choice, Marathon Runner's Guide Book, D-Tag, and the shirt tag with the BIB number. That's pretty cheap registration, considering the shirt quality is quite good.

Kiasu, so I quickly install the D-tag on my shoe. Yes, it's my old reliable Adidas and I didn't opt to buy the Adizero for the event. I saw it on sales the other day doing RM320, after 20% discount, but still, I'm out of time to put the new shoe in use, so I kill the idea and stick to the old one. Hope it will bring me to the finishing line =)

For preparation, I got these check list:
1. Load up 2 hours of hip songs to the MP3 player and charge it overnight.
2. Check socks, sports underwear, pants, pin the BIB to the shirt, install D-tag to running shoe
3. Pack up 2 towels, changing shirt and dSLR+flash for my wife to carry =P
4. Last but not least, set the alarm clock to 5.00am and plan to reach there by 6.00am! ZzzZzzzzZZzzz...

PS: note that my wife is the photographer and she will cover for the event. Nice & thanks!


Wai said...

wah.. very geng wor :)

Got mishap happened at this event. Death of a guy.

Bystander blamed SJAM ambulance for not having AED but then in the end after investigation its Red Cresent.

KVINLIM said...

yeah, heard of the tragic mishap. The first aider around is quite useless, I think we did a better last time when we are stationing as SJAM.

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