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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kafe Impian Recipe @ JB

We are still in Johor Bahru and on the road to continuous hunt for better Nasi Lemak around the town. My friend came across this place named Impian Recipe, which is supposingly famous for its Nasi Lemak. Off we go to catch a lunch and here is the place.

Kafe Impian Recipe located in Taman Molek that served typical Nyonya style foods, including Nasi Lemak.

Reached the door step and can't help to snap this photography. Today Special, basically including all sorts of style that we see "everyday". I'm wondering what so today special on the menu. I suppose they never change the today special menu though. Ok, I'm abit skeptical about this shop, because I dont think I can find a better Nasi Lemak comparing to the Senibong. Let's see.

A very nyonya touch of decoration around the shop and it's definitely family bussiness. When we are there at around 12.30pm, the shop is nearly empty with 2 tables occupied by couples. Family style, the family member are preparing some recipe on another table nearer to the toilet. It's self service for the Nasi Lemak, first time in my experience though.

This is what I have on the plate. Flavoured Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken, Egg, Ikan Bilis and some curry sauce. I must say it's quite good, not the best though. Problem is, the foods are self service, therefore it's prepare up-front. It's not very hot and and the fried chicken is not crispy as well. The taste is overall good and I would say it's quite a good plate of Nasi Lemak, but in comparison with Senibong, it's still far off. I would prefer to try out their other Nyonya style food next time.

My funny friend go order a roti canai in this shop. I dont know where he got the idea from, and I took a bite. It's actually quite nice, not very oily but feel like missing something. Oh, probably the ah neh's hand in normal mamak =P

I ordered the "Michael Jackson", mixture of grass jelly and soya. Nothing to shout about, nice smooth soya.

Overall, the good thing is this shop open in the morning and afternoon, so a good supplement to the best Senibong Nasi Lemak. If I'm suddenly craving for good Nasi Lemak in the middle of the day, I will still go back to this restaurant, that's if I'm in JB. Lost track of the expenses here, so no indication. You wouldn't need to spend more than RM10 in this place with a good plate of Nasi Lemak and a glass of "Michael Jackson".

Kafe Impian Recipe
Jalan Molek 2/1
Taman Molek
81100 Johor Bahru
Location Coordinate: N1 31.727 E103 47.621

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