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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moonlight Cake House @ JB

Introducting my favourite cafe in JB, the Moonlight Cake House located in Taman Gaya. It's just a stone throw away from the Jusco Tebrau.

The Moonlight Cake House has lots of similarity with our local franchise of Old Town or Pappa Rich, serving favourites local food and providing nice ambience for a good seat for either reading / WIFI access. The food variety in Moonlight Cake House is easily double or even triple the list in the older franchise bussiness above, but is the food good? I think so =)

Moonlight Cake House also specialise in cakes, which make it unique and even on-par with Secret Recipe, only minus the Cheese part. I didn't have the chance to try out the cakes yet, but it should do looks good. They do catering and event arrangement as well, which you can find out more of their variety in the website at the end of the post.

Comparing all cafes, Moonlight Cake House has my vote. Maybe because I only visited this place at night, but the low light setting and elegant simple arrangement of tables & comfortable wooden chairs is giving you a peace of mind enjoying the cafe environment. Second the list is Pappa Rich, which Old Town is worst.

Looking from the 1st photo, this cafe surrounded itself with these big leaf plants that isolate you with the bustling road beside. You will forget that you are just sitted beside the dirty road with bad parking skill along it. Good use of lighting making me irresistable to take a snap. Not very nice, I know, got to improve =P

1st up is the Curry Chicken with Rice priced at RM6.90 that my friend fancy. The chicken is a healthy portion and the gravy is killing by just the look at it. My friend said it's good, don't have the chance to taste though. It's a steal for that price, I think.

My expat friend ordered the Grilled Fish Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce, now that's weird. I'm sure the black pepper part is not in the menu, but they entertained him anyway. Very nice service, and it's priced at RM14.90. He gives me a thumb up as well, I guess he is the KFC spokesperson, craze for Black Pepper?

Nissin Noddles with Egg and Chicken Luncheon Meat priced at RM6.90 and this is what I have. Besides yeemee, I also fancy all kind of Nissin Noodle. I'm the Nissin Noodle loyalist =) I used to hang out in the Old Town for a quick bite and WIFI access. Sit around, sipping favourite xi-mut milk tea, but the drop of quality recently on the Nissin Noodle at Old Town has make me staying away from it.

In comparison with the Nissin Noodle served from the Moonlight Cake House, I would say this is one of the best Nissin Noodle I've ever eaten. The soup is a little gravy and it's very tasty. Noodles are springy while the egg and chicken luncheon meat fill in the rest of the frame very nicely. If I'm looking for a quick bite again, I don't mind travelling all the way to Taman Gaya just to have this bowl of Nissin. It's very good. Thumbs up for the good job! With this bowl, I can easily say Moonlight Cake House has better potential than Old Town White Coffee. I heard they are into franchise bussiness as well, anyone interested =) open up a place in KL for me, please ...

For drinks, they do have lots of choice. It's a cafe afterall, so I spotted this Mango Juice priced at only RM3.50! I thought wow, it's very cheap! But to my disappointment, it's not good. I think it's just a mixture of water and some syrup to get this Mango Juice in the glass. They shouldn't have call it Juice ...

I think my earlier writing has already sum up my view of this cafe, a thumb up for the good quality of food and nice ambience for a long seat. If you are around the area, just drop by. Just a little bit more than RM10, you can sit around and enjoy the ambience with you laptop till midnight. Only thing is, the magazine they are providing there are ages ago. Bring your own magazine/books/laptop, or you will feel out of place, because all others are doing something on the table.

Moonlight Cake House
No.1, Jalan Gaya 25
Taman Gaya
81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor
Tel/Fax: 07-861 2171
Location Coordinate: N1 34.144 E103 48.020


Ben said...

What bout nissin noodles plus tom yam paste? Fantastico!!!

KVINLIM said...

Haha, don't remind me of that! my own secret recipe =P how you doing there man, it's been very long. never plan to head back and stay around?

Ben said...

Still surviving in Dubai...not sure when I will go back for good but probably next year. I do go back for vacation like 3 times a year! Next trip should be in Oct.

KVINLIM said...

Nice, let me know your plan in Oct, will try to suit in for a meet-up!

Leonie said...

Hello there! I'm Leonie, and I just wanted to let you know that I took one of your photos of Moonlight Cake House for a blog entry of mine. I credited you as the photographer and owner, but if you would like me to remove your photo from my blog or change the way I credited you, feel free to leave me a comment on my blog/tagbox, I'll definitely respect your decision.

Here's the link to the blog entry mentioned:

Thanks, and have a nice day! (:

Anonymous said...

Just curious ,Is it halal?

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice place, but I see the many got many dishes with Ham. Is it chicken ham or something else? I'm curious.

Unknown said...

yeah. is it halal ? i would like to try the cakes. its look pretty similiar to secret receipe

KVINLIM said...

I'm not sure if it's halal, do let me know if anyone finds out.

Unknown said...

My chinese friend send me a cake from this shop. I didn't find any halal sign on the box.

Unknown said...

Have certificate halal

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