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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Windows Mobile 7

I'm a smartphone user myself and the news for the launch of Windows Mobile 7 really excites me. I think it's a good news to all smartphone users out there as the old Windows Mobile really need a serious make over. That's why there are so many smartphone company created their own system to attract customer, like HTC with their Flo Touch & Blackberry (yes, blackberry is also running windows mobile). All new HTC HD will be iPhone killer once it's launched.

Here is a screenshot comparison between old Windows Mobile 6.5 and new Windows Mobile 7 desktop.

Lots of different? Wait till you see the interface of Windows Mobile 7 Presetation below. Enjoy =)

I tweaked my Windows Mobile 6.5 interface as well. Here are some screenshots of my Windows Mobile Homepage. Nice? Cheers.

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