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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hong Kong Miu Kai Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

Having a Chinese New Year meet-up gathering with my colleagues and I suggested Hong Kong Miu Kai at Sri Petaling for our lunch. I frequented this shop very often when it first opened few years back but not anymore, because I'm sick of Hong Kong cafe stuff. However, Hong Kong Miu Kai is one of the best Hong Kong cafe shop offering the most variety of foods under a single roof.

Their most famous snacks is the Po Lo Pau. I ordered the Po Lo Pau and Char Siew Sow for my friends to try out. It's so nice that sometimes I would just drive around and drop-by to get myself a piece of each for my indulgence. Yeah, that's why I'm getting fat, I know. Don't remind me.

The famous Po Lo Pau and Char Siew Sou.

Carrot Cake for the lady.

Golden Friend Rice with in-house soup.

Fried Nissin Noodles, looks crazily delicious because I'm Nissin lover =)

Clayport Pork Ribs Rice.

Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish.

This drink here got some attention, with most of my friends asking me what is it. A mixtured of Cin Cau in Teh Ice.What the ...? yeah, I like weird stuff and I think they know about it.

Sorry, there is no price indicated anywhere because I lost the receipt. Worth a try for the food there if you are going around the area but the shop is a little run down. It's been almost 5-6 years anyway. You will noticed that none of the thing we ordered got any relation to Hong Kong style food, but those things are all available. Just that we never bother to try anymore. As said, sick of it already. Cheers.

Hong Kong Miu Kai Restaurant
Location Coordinate: N3 04.229 E101 41.469

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