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Monday, February 22, 2010

Photography: Broga Hill Attempt

It's one of the weekend that I travelled back to KL to spend quality time with my family. Suddenly I felt like asking my wife to go conquer the famous Broga Hill. We have heard of the Broga Hill long long time ago but just do not have the time to go. So I quickly texted my friend, and he told me to reach there by 5am if I would like to catch the sunrise. Yeah, so I set my alarm clock and go to bed.

In the end, with my trusty GPS, we reached there 7.30am. Duh, oversleep! Nevermind, Better lightings for my photography session anyway =P

This is the entrance of the Broga Hill Trail and you can see the palm oil estate just right there. Normally people will pay and park at the palm oil estate. I rather save the money for something else, so I parked my car beside the road.

As we start, the trail is easy and luckily there is no rain at yesterday night or morning. Or else, it might be a little slippery. Lots of people do hiking here, so there is proper access and steps along the trail.

But some of the area is just dangerous, like above photos. There is a landslide, not sure when it happened, but it's dangerous considering we are just walking beside it.

The morning breeze and the greenery is very refreshing. We felt so energetic and I took time to snap some sunlight in the middle of the trail. Fantastic, that's how we should start the day.

And she is all gung-ho to hike all the way to conquer the Broga Hill that day. Let's look at her face again when we reached up there and you tell me the difference =P she is going to kill me. hehe ...

A look back after we reached the midhill, fantastic view. Can't help to snap another photo to remind myself the beauty of nature. Sunshine and it's starting to get hot, so we quickly move on.

After a little hiking work, we finally see the 1st Hill. That's lot of people up there. As we are going up, lots are moving down already because we have already missed the sunrise, so they looked surprise to see us going up instead. Yeah, oversleep ma ...

Just half way going up, the scene suddenly changed and it become fantastic. I quickly take a snap and it's just beautiful.

Broga Hill is so famous and beautiful is because the entire hill is full of these kind of grass. It's called Lalang Grass by Malaysian. My friends told me that Broga Hill is actually called Lalang Hill, another attempt of commercialisation? Sigh, but it works! Broga sounds much nicer!

As promised, that's how she looks like when she reached the 1st Hill =P I did the Mount Kinabalu last March, so this is an easy one. I spent most of my time snapping photos. hehe ...

After we reached the 1st Hill, I set-up my tripod and started shooting. These are the scenery that I captured. Hope you enjoy it =)

1st shot from the 1st Hill

The view of the 2nd Hill and the flat walkway from between 1st & 2nd Hill

The 1st Hill View

The 3rd Hill View

Magnificient View from the 2nd Hill

The famous Lalang Grass

On our way down, it's almost afternoon and the sunlight is so intense. I think the lightings are just incredible. I snapped the above with the blue sky behind.

It's hot so we quickly run down and catch a breakfast at Kajang before heading back. Good experience, hope I can do that everyday =)


Jane Lee said...

nice photos, we usually did that early in the morning, start at 6am from the entrance. You will get a nice breeze.

KVINLIM said...

thanks. agree to start early, should go again eraly in the morning to experience the sunrise next time!

alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

jAmEs said...

nxt trip, let me knw i will run to ur door bell and wake u up :)

KVINLIM said...

thanks alantan, admire your passion for broga hill =)

james, just went through your blog, nice works! i took off my door bell for security reason, ppl would just try the door bell to check if anyone is at home.

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