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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nasi Lemak @ Senibong

I'm quite sure that all Johorians will know about Senibong Nasi Lemak. I've heard about it since I arrived at JB 3 years ago but until yesterday night only I tried the famous Nasi Lemak.

Pusat Pelancongan Pantai Senibong financed by the government. Not sure what the goverment is financing though. Pantai Senibong is located at the side of the beach and you can see Singapore's island from here. Those lights are from Singapore and I've taken some pictures to show in next post.

There are some nice seafood restaurant there that's operated by Malays. Looks quite good but will try someday.

Along the beach side, there are short row of stalls that open, probably this is what Malaysia government is financing. All kind of stuff selling here but as you can see, it's very quiet.

The restaurant is called Malam Indah Selalu (funny name) but a very classic Malay's restaurant that sell Nasi Lemak, Satay, Otak-otak, and some grilled seafoods. It's quite pack when I got there, saw some Singaporeans also.

Yoila, the Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken priced at RM5.00 each. I'm disappointed with the fried chicken as I believe the important ingredients of a good Nasi Lemak is the Rice, Fried Chicken and the Sambal. The fried chicken is tasteless but the rice is too heavenly good! It's the best rice for Nasi Lemak I've ever eaten. The sambal is sweet and not spicy to my liking. But overall good stuff. My friend recommend Chicken Rendang to go with it, claimed nicer, but yet to try.

My friend got big appettite so he ordered the special rice again priced at RM1.00. It's very cheap thinking of the quality of rice they are serving. Never too much to mention again, it's the best rice for Nasi Lemak I've ever eaten.

We got some side dish, the Otak-otak priced at RM0.50 each.

The Otak-otak meat. For foreigner, Otak-otak is actually a fish meat that's processed by hand and wrap into the banana leave for grill. It's one of the favourites food in Malaysia. It is so-so only, so don't bother trying. Order their grilled seafood instead, looks nicer.

The dinner come to RM22.40 for three folks and very cheap, I think. I already miss the rice and I will definitely be back again. Hmm, how about tomorrow =P Do give it a try, you will not be disappointed with the rice, but make sure you order Chicken Rending this time. Double thumbs up!

Nasi Lemak @ Senibong
Location Coordinate: N1 29.086 E103 49.041

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