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Thursday, November 19, 2009


On 10th Nov 2009 midnight, just right after the clock show 12.00, I log on to the GSC website trying to book myself tickets for the long awaited 2012 movie. Knowing Malaysian's style, I can't risk booking later or else I will need to wait for another 2 weeks to watch it. To my surprise! People already start reserving seats through online banking and within minutes, almost 30-40% of the seats are gone. I've got some problems with my credit card, so finally manage to settle with a good seat for midnight show. Crazy Malaysian, I know, that means me too.

We always opt to watch action movie at Cinema because of the sound system setup. Therefore, normally we don't miss any action pack or sci-fiction movie, and this definitely includes the 2012. The movie is great and as you can see from the poster, it's about earth tearing apart. So we are expecting lots of disasters, but the scale of the destruction is much more massive that we anticipated. The city sliding into the sea, and they meant it! It's crazy and you will actually worry. Some of the scenes showing how helpless and tiny human is sometimes disturbing.

No matter what is your expectations, this movie will definitely blow you away with all its explosive sounds and special effects. Some of the running scene looks fake, but you will love and cheer when they survive it. So overall, thumbs up and RM23.00 well spent. RM30 actually, including popcorns =P

I always choose the biggest hall for maximum sound impact, and it never fails me =P Our seats are island double seats at the side of the stairways similar to couple seat but with normal price. The only different? The arm rest cannot be lifted for close proximity =P but still nice =)

ps: watch out for the scene in the car, everyone claps their hands ...

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