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Monday, July 6, 2015

Best Fried Noodles @ Bintulu, Sarawak

Today I'm posing a special food post that's located so far away from my home, and it's worth my time to blog about it. There is no sign board, no names and this old couple operate from their home, I supposingly. You would just have to refer to my location coordination down there to find out where exactly is the shop, but we are talking about Bintulu, Sarawak here.

This is how the shop looks like, run down, no class, but promise you that this is the hidden gem in places like these, one of the best Fried Noodles they have in this shop.

Old and basic settings, dirty drain run along side of the house, and it's not a pretty side. There are even funny smells and occasion rats or cockroaches are not surprising sight.

First to come is the drink, and this is one funny thing about Bintulu. Every shops, I meant EVERY shops in Bintulu, serve this Three Layer Tea. They call it Teh C Special here. Normally we only can find this in Old Town, Papparich or Mamak. But it's so common here that everyone carries it in their menu. Awesome place, but nothing special that worth mentioning. Let's get to the highlight.

Ok, this is what you will want to die for. The best Fried Bihun Mee with Fried Egg in the entire Bintulu town at Sarawak. Does it looks good? Hell yeah! Look at the egg, nicely done, and once you start poking it, the yolk would just flow out and insanely delicious when mix with the fried noodles. The specialty here is the fried noodles, and you can basically try any combination. I particularly love their bihun mee combination, as it taste much nicer.

So what's the deal here? First, the "wok hei" is good, aroma fills the entire plate. Secondly, they really "fried" the noodles here. As of fried until the noodles get crispier kind of texture. That's why I love the bihun noodles, small surface, more crispy feelings. Every bites is heavenly like, and you must tell them to add Sambal together. Again, one of the specialty in Bintulu. Any fried noodles you can add sambal to give the flavour a twist and it serves well!

Here is the plate of my friend without the egg. A clearer look of the fried bihun mee, which you can clearly see some crispiness filling the entire plate. That's just awesome. I'm not sure if it's really appealing to my KL friends here, but it's definitely the best plate of fried noodles that you can find in Bintulu. If anyone ask me what to eat for dinner, this is my first choice. So stop asking me what to eat for dinner, as I only got 1 answer...

Ok, what's the damage like? I don't really know, but I paid RM8.30 for my Fried Bihun Mee Sambal with Fried Egg and a cup of Teh C Special. Not exactly cheap for a small town, but worth every cents. Do check it out if you happen to be in Bintulu and not sure what to eat, promise won't disappoint you.

Fried Noodles @ Bintulu
Jalan Durian Tembaga
Bintulu, Sarawak
Location Coordinate: N3°11'22.94" E113° 2'20.09"
Opening Hours: Dinner time

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