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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hiong Kong Restaurant @ Pudu Plaza

Today I'm going to introduce a very special place in the middle of KL city, the infamous Hiong Kong Restaurant. I didn't this place existed but according to my sister, this shop has be around for very very long time, and most of the KL boy will know it.

This Hiong Kong Restaurant is basically hidden in the basement of the Pudu Plaza, and I'm pretty sure majority of the Gen Y will never step foot inside this Pudu Plaza, that's why it remains a hidden gem. Is it any good? Well, it's not a place that you can just walk in and order your food, but you must pre-book your table and your dishes. For our case, we pre-booked months back in order to get our taste of the food in this place else they won't serve you! I've been told that the Chef here last time serve for some 5-star Restaurant and now he own this place serving a limited local area. Wow? Yea, wow. Let's find out what they've got.

If you are new to this place, I bet you wouldn't be able to find it, because it's located inside the Entertainment and F&B Zone! So look out for this entrance, left side is the CDs shop, and right side selling steamboat. Nostalgic right =)

As you walk till the end, you will see this. My first time seeing this, I shouted, WHAT'S THIS? A restaurant that need months of pre-booked and it's located beside the entertainment shop with a waist level wooden partition around the corridor of basement in a nearly abandoned shopping mall??? Sorry I kill the surprises for you guys reading it, but it's unbelievable...

This looks more like a proper restaurant, but it's not. The surrounding is weird and first time I'm seated in such place for a special lunch. However, if you pay a little attention, you will notice most of the patrons there are rich people. Designer bag, branded shirts and etc. It's not for the normal folks I think. Because it's expensive? Let's find out.

Usual setting, as we pre-booked for 10 of us and 2 babies, it's already well setup for our arrival and you will notice there is not many tables available, it's all limited.

First to come is the Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup. Ok, pardon me on this, I know Shark Fin is banned, but this lunch is long time ago, only now I got time to post it. Now my whole family basically has stopped eating shark fin. Back to topic, this bowl is not cheap though, priced at RM260, but it's well worth it if you know how expensive Shark Fin is, and it's real Shark Fin.

The soup paste is good, served hot, and if you notice, the shark fin serves in very big pieces filling almost entire bowl. That's how it's done here, shark fin pieces by pieces, and that's how its suppose to be eaten, unlike some cheaper places out there, all in loose form. It's very good, and sorry Mr. Shark.

Highlight of the day is this platter. I'm not sure what you call it, but almost every table will order this as their main. Lobster Platter? There are a total of 7 dishes cramp into this huge platter, and it is big enough to serve the 12 of us. This cost around RM210, quite fair consider the ingredients they used. Presentation wise is not as good as those premium hotel of course, but the food is real good. Is it going to make you shout? Not really, but it's good enough so you don't complain. The serving time for this dish is not so good as some is not that hot/warm anymore, probably due to preparation of the 7 dishes that took longer than usual. Be prepare to wait a little as it's a small setup.

Another view, giving you an idea on what's served.

Next up is the Fish in Chicken's Clothing, priced at RM60. This is one of the chinese dish where the chef will prepare the fish paste and bond it to the chicken to give a false look of a chicken dish. Why they do that? I don't know, but you can order this in other usual chinese restaurant, another twist to the usual dining experience. Is it good?

A cross section look, you will be able to see the crispy chicken skin, with a strip of chicken meat attached, while bottom is smoothen up with fish paste. The mixture of all 3 components are awesome. I've tried before similar dish in other chinese restaurant, and nothing come close to this, a well mixed chicken with fish paste dish! I still remember the last time I tried this in other place, we complained like hell because it tasted like a fake chicken, LOL.

Then we got this Dried Scallop Cabbage at rather steep price of RM120. Considering the amount of good quality dried scallop that's used, it might worth the price, but I'm not so sure. Personally I think it's expensive but then I don't know the price of scallop. Is it nice? It's good, but nothing special or fancy though, not really a fan of vegetables, so wrong guy to ask probably hehe.

A very special dessert, not sure what name to call it, but it's basically Cooked Yam coated with Caramel and Sesame Seeds, it's super good! Whole family love it, and we so keen to order another plate, but it's not possible in this place, as everything is pre-prepare upfront. This plate is RM20, cheap or expensive? I think it's well worth it, only can find this dish here I think.

Honeydew Sago as the final dessert that cost RM20 a bowl, very reasonably price. It's rich with sago and thick honeydew flavour that's not too sweet. Perfect to finish off the lunch, yum.

The whole dinner bill amount to RM700, quite fair for 10 of us. The place is overall good, you save on the cost from the premium environment but still similar food in this place. Will I come back? Alone don't think so, but if I have a tourist friend / family in town, I might look into this as recommendation for a unique dining experience. I'm happy to pay that price for these food, thumbs up.

Hiong Kong Restaurant
Hiong Kong Food Square, LC5
Lower Ground, Pudu Plaza
Jalan Landak, Pudu, KL
Tel: 012 667 7944 (Chef Wong)
Location Coordinate: N3° 8'13.28" E101°42'49.15"
Opening Hours: Lunch & Dinner, pre-book only, no walk in.


Anonymous said...

It is not nearly abandoned malls. An office block have been converted into new 3 star hotels since 2014 and the mall is over 90% occupied since recent took over by a prestigious developer around 2012. I am one of the owner of the apartments reside on the building. My apartment unit value have rose since the recent take over due their good management of this mall.

Glad you love the food. I always patronized that shop.

One of the owners of Pudu Plaza Apartment

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