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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Garmin Fenix2

It has been a busy year, and me being me, I'm playing with more and more toys as when my pocket allows =)

This round I got myself something that I wanted for long long time, a Multisport Training GPS Watch. There are lots of model out there, crowned by the famous Garmin Forerunner 910XT that's launched way back in 2010, that's 4 years ago! Being in digital world, 4 years is a long long time ago. The design is a bit dated and I never like to buy old gadget. I waited and waited, finally Garmin decided to launch a new product! Excited.

That's the Garmin Fenix2! For the first time, Garmin is listening to customers, that we wanted something not hideous, stylish that still pack the punch of all functionality for a truly Triathlon capable watch.

This is the Garmin Fenix2, I bought the bundle pack that comes complete with the Garmin HRM-Run Premium Monitor. Don't mistaken this HRM monitor from the older one which is non-premium type. Somehow I heard the strap and quality is much better. I got this unit directly from My GPS Talk, the official appointed distributor for Garmin in Malaysia. I missed the first batch order, ended up in 2nd batch and waited for few weeks to collect mine! For those asking me what I bought, tada!

Unboxing is always exciting, This is a performance bundle package that includes the HRM unit and I paid the full retail price for it at RM1,550! I'm not surprise that the price might be cheaper now, so scout around for the best deal. Now you know why I dream of this gadget for so long, hold up by the price tag. Probably one of the most expensive sports gear that I've ever bought! But I think it's worth it considering what it can do. Let's find out.

This is the entire sets that come in the box
1x Garmin Fenix2 GPS Watch
1x Premium Heart-Rate-Monitor
1x USB Charging / Data Cable
1x AC Adapter with 3 different plugs type
1x Fabric Wrist Strap Kit
1x Quick Start Manual

I got a bit surprise that they included a set of fabric wrist strap kit in the box, which I preferred than the rubber wrist strap that comes with the watch. That saves me a few hundred bucks if I opt to buy it myself, great.

This is the Gamin Fenix2 in rubber wrist strap, it's good gripping with good length adjustment to fit any wrist nicely. But rubber being rubber, there are risk it will hardened and snap. There are already some cases in triathlon event that people got their watch snapped off and sleeping in the deep sea. I never like this anyway.

My choice of weapon for my future endeavor in Triathlon journey. Let's look at the feature included. It's a bit long, mind you! Lots of people ask me why willing to pay over thousand bucks for this gear, you will see.

- Built-in GPS helps to track distance and pace
- Built-in GPS provides ABC (Altimeter, Barometer & Compass) in real time
- HRM-Run helps to track heart rate, provide data for cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation
- HRM-Run data also provide calculation to recovery time, VO2 max estimate, race predictor
- Capable of function in running, climbing, riding, hiking, paddling, skiing and swimming.
- Feature Running Dynamics features, Garmin proprietary system in providing running feedback
- Available Virtual Partner for training setup
- Available Smart Notification with Bluetooth connection with smartphone
- Navigation with map display including track logging, waypoints and POI setting
- Connectivity to Garmin Connect and BaseCamp for live tracking and reporting
- Water rated to 50m depth
- Battery life up to 50 hours in GPS mode
- Other functions include alarms, tones, vibration alerts, timer, stop watch, world clock, several time zones

These are just some of the features that I can remember and write down, within each functions, there are multiple settings that give even more features, eg. Swimming that provide stroke count and intervals including indoor pool function, that when it combines with HRM, the data are enormously useful.

Garmin Fenix2 comes with black background with white fonts, it is love it or hate it affair, but it's doing fine for me. It comes with red colour lights for night use and it's awesome. Loving it.

This is the back, rugged casing with all kind of logos embedded. notice the 4 pins at the side, that's for the USB connection to transfer data and charging. The whole casing is water proof, so no worries in water resistant problem.

This is how it looks like when connected with USB. You just slide the USB clip behind the watch and it will charge or allow sync of data to your computer.

Never like the rubber strap, so I took it out with the kits given.

And this is what you get from the bundle pack, the Fabric Wrist Strap Kit.

Final look, I've been not able to full utilize it yet, as more and more life events happening, but I've tried it for a few times and it's awesome. Everything works seamlessly, below are some screenshots from the website of the run I've done for your reference. These are some of the data that you can expect to help you in analysing your training.

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