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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ben's @ Bangsar Shopping Centre, KL

My parents came to KL again, and we always cracking head trying to introduce some interesting foods for them as they are food lovers also like me =P This time round, my sister recommended Ben's located in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). Do not confuse BSC with the Bangsar Village though, BSC is the smaller mall located right at the top of the hill along Jalan Maarof. Let's see what they've got.

This is the Ben's entrance, pardon the blue hue on the wall, that's the glass colour fronting the restaurant, and it's located at the corner on level 3.

A quick shot of the restaurant from the outside, very nice and cozy setup, love it.

This is the indoor setup, also very nice with lots of waitress eagle eyeing customer's need.

Full range menu in Ben's and good part is this menu is available online also in the website link I given below. So you can take a look on what's offered before heading there, good for planning.

Some decorative lights right above our table, wires? hmm.

More decorative on table, busy chatting and catching up, no time to find out what's those cards for.
Let's head straight to food!

First to come is the in-house famous Ben's Nasi Istimewa, priced at RM42.00. The serving is big with beef rendang, chicken berempah, sambal prawn, kangkung, salted egg and keropok. It's not as big as you imagine from those craze in Ole Ole Bali type, but it's enough to make a full grown size male adult to loosen up his belt after the meal. As expected food quality from this price tag, it's all good.

Then we got the western style, Traditional Fish & Chips served with coleslaw and fries with homemade tartare sauce, priced at RM35.00. The fish is all good, fries are awesome with the sauce. I never like coleslaw so no comment there.

Ben's is actually quite famous for their awesome pasta, so we ordered a few of them to try out. First is my favourite style, Spaghetti Carbonara priced at RM26. It is served with beef bacon, mushroom and of course, the cream. It's really living up to its fame, where the spaghetti has really good texture, well coked and just-nice-taste sauce. The ingredients are fresh, awesome plate for me.

Then we got the Chargrilled Seafood Spaghettini priced at RM28.00. Something different but I prefer the usual pasta type of flavour, kind of weird having the chilli flavour in this serving. The spaghetti is the usual awesome, but maybe I prefer something saucy, preference maybe. Again the ingredients are fresh, all good.

Special in-house menu, the Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti priced at RM28.00. A fusion of Japanese with Pasta, and the spaghetti is as usual awesome, while the soft shell crab is good as well. Something to twist the mind a bit for a pasta set, good.

Last then we try out their sandwiches range, ordered the Mexicana Tortilla priced at RM28.00, served with grilled chicken, bean stew, avocado, jalapeno and nachos. This is pretty good tortilla if you love it, healthy choice, and the ingredients mixed up quite well, especially the avocado, yummy.

Depending on individual, it might looks a bit pricy for some, but if you fancy a excellent ambience for your lunch / dinner, then strongly recommend this place. Eating is not just to fill the stomach, you can do that with mixed rice, but it's the entire package, environment, ambience, smell, music, style, serving and etc. This is what Ben's in BSC offer, and I would definitely come back for any lazy afternoon that I just want a place to stretch myself for a lazy lunch/dinner. Thumbs up, loving it.

Lot-T-06, Level 3
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2095 7988
Location Coordinate: N3° 8'34.17" E101°40'2.67"
Opening Hours: 11.00am till 11.00pm


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