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Friday, September 27, 2013

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar

Over the weekend, my parents are around and my sister decided to bring us to a special place, which I quickly grab my camera to cover it for my blog. My sister told us that it's in the Bangsar Village, so off we go, and we ended up in front of Village Grocer. What possibility available in the Village Grocer, so curious but we keep our mind open.

Good news, whole family here, means more food coverage for you guys!
Bad news, it's non-halal, sorry for those Muslim's friends.

Village Grocer is located at the ground floor in the Bangsar Village 1, they are one of the anchor tenant for the place since long time ago, and you won't miss it once at the hall way. Don't put off by this lousy quality photos, lighting problem, because it's old building, so light is low, and paint is old also. Check out the entire post, it's a good place.

As you can see, most of the people are waiting in front of the village grocer, and 75% of them are waiting for their seats for a lunch at the "special place". What place is that? And it's located within Village Grocer.

Then we went in and reached the small pink opening with a signboard, Three Little Pigs with The Big Bad Wolf! That's sure a catchy name for a restaurant, but is it good? Let's find out.

Check out the advertisement, The Wolf's Favourite, interesting =)

As I'm rushing for time, I didn't manage to get a good shots of the interior, and here it goes to just give you a feel how the place looks like. Its super cramp with tables and chairs side by side, and the walkway is also small. Once you are seated, it's ok though. Noisy with everyone busy chatting their life away. It's clean and cosy, very similar to those new mushrooming modern contemporary setup you see everywhere.

The brighter are with more tables and chairs. Everyone is just busy munching, chatting and it's seriously pack. Avoid lunch hour!

As we are quite a big numbers, so it took a while for them to seat us, we waited almost 30minutes just to get seated, but that's on the weekend lunch time, so who to blame. Fact is, there is a big table seated by a bunch of people that has finished their breakfast long time ago, and they just sitting there chatting without giving out their seats. The shop is kind enough not to ask them to leave unlike some restaurants out there, which is good and bad depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, we seated, ordered our wolf's meal and waited patiently.

As we are waiting, I can't help to notice the beautiful simple setup they have on the table. Clean dark wooden table, white plate, SS utensils, glass of water and a napkin with their restaurant name. That's just how you do it, no need fancy stuff.

And what I like most, they served a big free glass bottle of water for us. It's just a simple glass bottle, but it's nice and beautiful part is they save on their waiters, and we can serve ourselves with the clean water while waiting. These are all the small stuff that we noticed when having our lunch there. Pay attention those restaurants owners. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. If we want drinks, we will order, and if we love it, we will come back.

Fisrt to come is the "I'm So Hungry I Could Eat A Wolf" breakfast set priced at RM28.00. The name is catchy and almost everyone will try this over breakfast or brunch. But name alone is not enough, because with so many outlets outside now offering breakfast set, this plate is just not good enough to command the hefty price tag. Not that it's not good, it's ok, but not good enough. If you must eat the breakfast, there are better choices out there.

Since it's the little piggy shop, we put our vote all over the piggy dish, like this Roast Pork Fried Rice priced at RM19.00. When it's served, the aromatic of the fried rice is so tempting and seriously, this is one of the best fried rice I've ever eaten. It's kind of weird to eat fried rice in setup like this, but you just got to try it. The taste of the fried rice, so good! Recommended!

Greens to go with the lunch, a plate of Caesar Salad priced at RM22.00. The Caesar salad is served with bacon, crumbled bed, and poached egg. They use lots of pork and eggs if you notice. I don't particular like this dish, because some pieces of greens I taken is bitter then the whole experience changed.

The Wolf's Favourite priced at RM27.00. It's basically carbonara with pushrooms, but served with smoked bacon and another poached egg. It looks like cream, but once you poke it, the perfect juicy yolk flow up and beautified the carbonara! Some people don't like eggs, but you just have to try this out. It's good! A twist to the already good carbonara, always welcome such improvements =) However, there are also better carbonara out there. Not the best around.

It's a pig and wolf's restaurant, so everything revolves around the pigs! Next up is The Mighty Piggy Burger priced at RM24.00. Again, another porky burger with eggs and cheese on top. The pork is a little over cook, but it's good. Egg somehow go very well with pork in any serving, so it's beautiful. Greens are good, fries are crunchy. It's good, but not very very good.

Lastly, we ordered the Tonkatsu Sandwich priced at RM22.00. The best part of the dish is the toasted ciabatta, so crunchy and delicious, while the rest are normal stuff. Nothing special, and the tonkatsu is quite dry, so I still prefer burger instead. Nothing to shout about, can skip this.

Overall opinion, the setup is great, the name is fancy, it would be a good place for a good catch-up with friends and family, if you visit at non-peak time. We are lacking of a good outlet that serves some good porks and this place fit the bill nicely. The price is not cheap nor expensive, in the middle range. However, foods are average as well. Like I say, it's a good place for catch up instead of food tasting. There are better food elsewhere, but I think most patrons here are not looking for food alone.

I would recommend my friends to try it out for the name itself alone =) My baby got out of control because of the long queue time and cramp place. He cry and cry and my wife got to bring him out for some fresh air. It's not children friendly for sure, so family, pick somewhere less pack and leave to this youngster and hippies that's looking for some porky escape. Thumbs up from me for the overall presentation.

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf
Lot G1A, Ground Floor
Bangsar Village 1
Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumput
Location Coordinate: N3° 7'44.89" E101°40'13.76"
Opening: Everyday, but when the sun goes down, Three Little Pigs go home, the Big Bad Wolf comes out to play
Pigs: 9.00am till 6.00pm
Wolf: 6.00pm till 11.00pm

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