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Friday, September 20, 2013

Nam Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat @ Singapore

Been staying in Singapore for almost a year, and finally reaching the end of the project cycle where I started to have some free time after normal working hours. I took the opportunity to get my colleagues to show me the good food in Singapore, as I'm really falling back in getting resources for my blog!

This time round, they brought me over for a special best fish head steamboat in Singapore, and being a Malaysian, I'm always skeptical over food quality in Singapore, but they will show me what's meaning of good food in Singapore. We went to the famous Nam Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat in the city center.

Nam Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat is located at the corner shop along the cross roads of North Bridge Road and Jalan Sultan. It looks old and nostalgic, perfect setup for a good original Fish Head Steamboat that I'm looking for in Singapore. Somehow those famous shop in such setting in city center of Singapore is normally good quality.

Nam Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat is quite famous in Singapore somehow as told by my colleagues. Let's see what they got.

A view of the five foot ways beside the shop that's filled with tables and chairs. Every inch of land is very expensive in Singapore, so fully utilize it.

A view of the restaurant, and it has a good air circulation, quite windy, not stuffy comparing to some Malaysian's old shop. Hygiene is top notch as you would expect in Singapore.

Some drinks to kill the thirst and silent the rumbling stomach while waiting for our food. All drinks are pack in such a way, hygienic, but I would just prefer some home made barley instead. It just feel so commercialized, so Singapore.

Aside from the fish head steamboat, we ordered some side dishes to go with the rice. There is five of us, so it's great that I'm able to share more dishes with all of you. First up, one of their signature dish, salted egg pork ribs. Seriously, it's so so. Like I said, I'm always quite skeptical with Singapore food when they claim it's good. It's ok, but nothing to shout about. In fact I think the flavor is a little funny, and the pork is overcooked. Good to move your bowl of rice, but not fantastic. Priced at S$12.00, not cheap.

Then we get some greens for a balance meal, ordered the Sambal Potata Leaves priced at S$10.00, also not cheap. The "wok hei" is good, but the sambal is soft and tasteless. Nothing exciting, just a plate of green to go with the meal.

We got ourselves a plate of Special Homemade Beancurd as well, and it's not bad, comparable to any Malaysian's road side tai chow. So it means nothing special. No special chili sauce nevermind, but it's priced at S$12.00. Beancurd at S$12.00! Having a good meal in a famous restaurant in the city center of Singapore, I better stop complaining about the price.

Then finally the highlight of the night came. I purpose stand up to get a better view on how they serve it, hehe.

The fish head steamboat is basically Teo Chew style, which is my favourite. Special part is that they used charcoal to keep the soup hot, and it's best because I love having my food hot. They only serve this size, so if you are alone, sorry. Minimum serves two person in my opinion, and it's priced at S$35.00. Quote expensive, but it's well worth it.

For fish head steamboat here, you can order it with different fish, like Grouper, Pomfret, Red Sapper, and Song Fish. As you can see, we ordered the Grouper Steamboat, and the fish is chunky size and taste great! The highlight is actually the soup, where it taste fantastic awesome. The soup taste so so good, and I'm not sure what special ingredients they put in, but it's very good. I walloped every drop and I lost count how many bowls of soup I've eaten. The fish is fresh, but the highlight is the soup alone. Seriously special.

This is how it looks like, I finished up the soup until cannot take anymore, else I will risk dropping all the charcoal out. Once the soup is not hot, it taste aweful, no wonder they serve with charcoal to keep it warm. Then it makes me thinking, it must be very salty and strong taste, health conscious people might not like this.

If you happen to be in Singapore, I would strongly recommend you to try this out. I do think Malaysia do have some comparable fish head steamboat around KL, but this is one of the special type that I've ever tasted and it's good. Double thumbs up from me, and you can basically ignore everything else on the menu. Just concentrate on the steamboat if you are tight in budget. There are good food in Singapore, I agreed to my colleagues in Singapore then, at a PRICE, not cheap PRICE. The place is crazy pack, so go early to avoid waiting time.

Nam Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat
808/812/814/816 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198779
Tel: +65 6297 9319
Location Coordinate: N1°18'14.41" E103°51'38.28"
Operating Time: 4.00pm till 1.00am everyday

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