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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photography: Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

My last post is 20th April 2012 and today is 11th July 2012, I've been missing in action for months, and I sincerely apologise for it. Personal life has been hectic and whoever say maintaining a blog needs only a little commitment, he/she is lying or he/she has no life.

I'm trying to pull myself together and update this more often, as this blog still serve the reason why I live my life to fullest. Lots has been accomplished recently, and I will update it one by one. Here I will go with the earlier photoshooting session I done for the 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 event. I travelled with my best friend over in the dark morning, and both of us are happy with the results. It's great that Malaysia organise this kind of international event, really successful one. Enjoy.

As it's still early, we stop by a good spot and start shooting. Very nice architectural, proud of it.

Warning: this post is very photos heavy, so might take up your broadband quota and might be a bit slow to load.

RELA guard look-by as the balloonist put stuff together.

The eyes are coming up.
Fire test, never fail to attract the crowd.

Spectator, cute baby =) I want to bring mine next time!

More spectator and it's funny you see some fellow holding iPad as their camera, LOL

Closer look.

Here comes the fire, my favourite part =)

Slowly standing up, the fire blower nearly fall off the basket, keke.

A nice colour balloon.

This is how it looks like inside, beautiful.

Hey, more is up in the air.

Twin burners, big boy toys.

Beautiful piece of gadget.

Small wire to hold the balloon, that's all it need.

Balloonist helper, all smily.

Cool to be operator eh...

The cat is on the air.

England balloon, nice design.

More fire.

Thumb up, go go go.

As they rise, the eyes are set to the distant, not below anymore.

Blowing more air in.

Side by side, beautiful.

Suddenly all rushing to the air.

Low high shooting.

The balloonist worker just look damn cool.

Tree is up, Amazon forest?

Sweating just pulling the rope, hard job.

Suddenly something interesting is up, a kiwi! Wee.

That 'thing' is long!

Kiwi operator, exactly how a New Zealander look like =)

Bird in the sky.

Fun ride for those that fancy some, it's moving up and down on the same spot.

Parasliders join the fun.

Happy man before going up.

There go the kiwi.

Fly Emirates.

Middle east balloon.

What's that?

Birthday cake? Whose birthday?

Nice, 3 storey, but candle is falling off, keke.

Love the fire, so more shots =)

Crowd of the day, jam packed.

As we are leaving, a small one is up in the air, cute.

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