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Friday, April 20, 2012

Super Responsive New iPad!

Today 20th April 2012 is the official launch date of the new iPad (a.k.a. iPad 3rd generation). I've been eyeing for a tablet since the lost of my Galaxy Tab 10.1" and nothing is able grab my attention. I'm not really Apple fans and in fact I'm agains't it because of the control that Apple impose on their system. Pro and cons, but I'm not in favour of it. However, the retina display in iPhone 4 win everything else hands down, and I bought it on the spot earlier.

Same decision is drawing me to look at the new iPad with similar feelings 2 years ago. I've been scanning all the forums to check if there are lots of crowds and where got available stocks. I even thought of taking a day off to line up for it. Luckily I didn't, because there are no queue at certain area and there are plenty of stocks available. Right after my working hours, I make my way to Mac Studio in Bangsar Shopping Center!

Good day, not much traffic and I arrived in BSC within minutes. Made my way up to the 1st floor and there's the Mac Studio. There was a small crowd but there was no queue, nice. Made my order, signed the credit card bill, and the box was then given to me. Staff instructed me to move to the corner for inspection. Opened up, powered on and checked for screen pixelation damage. How it's done? Check this out. Everything was good, and off I went. I spent less than 15minutes there, and that was the faster way of me spending RM1,799.

Rush home and first thing to do, is mop floor =P Yea, chief commander instruction, got to do before can play =P After finish, then unboxing time!!

When the box is passed to me, I keep checking around to make sure it's the new iPad, because it's not stated anywhere! How I know if they make mistake and given me the iPad 1? No label or whatsoever, the usual minimalist design. That's how Apple do it.

Same like the iPhone 4, Designed in California and Assembled in China. They don't say it's Made in China instead, smart. As you can see, I ordered the new iPad WIFI 32GB White model. I already got a data plan on my iPhone 4 with tethering, so 4G is not what I want. 16GB is too small for current generation, and 64GB is too expensive. So budget budget, stick to 32GB, logical choice.

Open it up, and the big 9.7" screen with white border stares back at you. There's nothing different from the iPad 2, so no wow factor at all.

Below the new iPad is the power plug, USB cable and pocket size manual. That's all. Cheapskate as usual, luckily they provide the plug, or else go find a computer to charge.

That's the whole package for RM1,799 of the new iPad. Unboxing is always something exciting thing to do, I enjoy every moments of it and snap lots of photos. Maximising the pleasure, enjoy life =)

The back of the new iPad is the usual Aluminium casing, and it looks the same as the iPad 2. Nothing special as well, let's move on.

As I power it up and start setting the new iPad up, the retina screen didn't manage to make me scream, possibly I've get used to the retina display in iPhone 4, and also I have no tablet to compare. But it's all good, vivid, and sharp. However, the first thing that impress me is the smoothness and speed of the system. It's so responsive and smooth. My iPhone 4 and Galaxy Tab 10.1" turns pale if put side by side with the new iPad.

I know iOS is a very stable system, but such high level of sensitiveness and responsiveness has exceeded my expectations. I've yet to check out fully the new iPad yet, but with my friends owning the 1st and 2nd generation, I already know what to expect. All happy now, signing off to pay more attention to the new iPad, it's calling me =) Cheers.

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