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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kong Heng Coffee Shop @ Ipoh

This is one of the Ipoh folks all-time favourite place for food, and it's been here forever, older than myself. I don't know how old is this building, but my dad used to frequent this shop when he is still a kid. So go figure, and according to my dad, it maintained exactly the same on how they serve their food, the table, chair and etc. It's really a better place to visit if you are interested with history rather than visiting Ipoh's museum, as it's actually quite crap. Let's take a closer look at the Kong Heng Coffee Shop located in the old town.

The forever standing Kong Heng Coffee Shop lcoated in the old town part of the Ipoh and it's one of the most important nostalgic icon for Ipoh town.

How it looks like within Kong Heng, high ceiling, big column, old floor tiles, steel & wooden window, marble table and wooden chair. Amazing. You just need to take a closer look around the entire shop, it's like that since many many years ago, before I'm even born. No changes, everything is the same. Incredible.

So what's the highlight of this place? Why they can maintain the flow of crowd until today? Let's look at the food, it taste exactly same since I'm kid, and it's wonderful.

The signature of Kong Heng is their service. Walk in, take a table and before you even have the chance to sit down, the stalls owner will already swarming you to take your order. Everyone will be asking at the same time, including drinks ordering. It's very messy, but fun as well. No such thing as walking around and ordering it slowly by yourself, and I think it's very nice. The last time I went back, it got tune down a little, but still they will walk around asking if you want to order, but not swarming you type anymore.

Let's go to the food.

A lot of people know about the Nga Choy Kei in Ipoh, but for those that really love Ipoh food, will know Kei See Hor Fun. In Ipoh, I think there are 2 places that serve the best Kei See Hor Fun, and both stalls located in the old town of Ipoh. It's equally good, and one of it is in the Kong Heng Coffee Shop.

One of the best  Kai See Hor Fun in Ipoh, and it's only charged at affordable RM3.70. Not sure if they revised the price, and it's been a whilte since I'm there. The portion is small and that's how they serve it since I'm a kid. Order 2 bowls if you must, but I recommend to try out other foods instead.

So what so special for this food? First of all, the hor fun is super smooth, nothing like the hor fun you find at other place. Similar hor fun quality like the one found in Nga Choy Kei. The chicken and prawn is just something to go with the mee and it's equally nice, no complain. The specialty lies with the soup. Together with the smooth hor fun, shredded chicken and prawn, it's heavenly like. No words can express how it taste, but don't expect wow factor, it's just simple bowl of hor fun that's delicious to keep drawing you back for another bowl. Some of the people that I know, it's a must have bowl for them everytime they come to Ipoh. Do tell me if you can find something better than this, I'm so interested to find out =P

Next specialty is the Popiah. All ingredients prepared fresh everyday and the old aunty has been diligently churning out hundreds of Popiah everyday on the same table since my father childhood.

Popiah in preparation, all fresh ingredients and make on the spot. Crazy delicious, and compacted in the roll.

There are 2 types, the normal and fried. I prefer the normal Popiah that's priced at RM1.60 each roll. Important part of the popiah is to make sure the ingredients is fresh, tasty, and thin roll. It's not some kind of Popiah that will make you go wild and run everywhere telling everyone it's super nice, but it's the history of the food that's timed back since 20-30 years ago (as far as I know), and it's still selling and retaining the same taste & quality. You want to feel how your the old timers in Ipoh eat, this is one of the heritage that's well preserved!

Being a Claypot Yee Mee hard fans, I wouldn't miss this bowl. They used to serve it with claypot, but then somehow they change, very disappointed. Claypot Yee Mee is not as tasteful if served without the claypot, so I'm not really happy with this. It's still the same person that prepared it, but somehow it should taste better when cook in claypot. It's ok, and I still like it, but not the best you can find though.

Thean Chun coffee shop is just beside the Kong Heng, and some claim their food is better, but in fact both shop is owned by the same owner. You can order the food across another, no problem. I never go Thean Chun, just prefer Kong Heng, preference probably. Nothing wrong with both.

Kong Heng Coffee Shop
75 Jalan Bandar Bijih Timah
30000 Ipoh, Perak
Opening Time: 8.30am till late lunch, Closed on Wednesday
Location Coordinate: N4 35.787 E101 04.675


Cert Killer said...

In my point of view You sure did put a new twist on something that Ive heard so much about. And How did you manage to make a blog that as smart as it is sleek?

Anonymous said...

Kong Heng restaurant is my favourite visit every time I am at Ipoh. This changed one day when my family arrived at the restaurant late at 3pm and many of the stalls were closing. The chicken rice stall owner welcome us and we ordered from him. Bad experience started when the chicken rice stall owner deliver the food and my wife questioning the price inconsistency. The chicken rice stall owner clarify the price and become agitated, started raising his voice and claimed that we unfairly accused him charging excessive. I have to calm him down! He keep on raising his voice on us for a minute. I did not choose to quarrel with him as I do not want to show bad example to my daughter. His chicken rice is okay but the very poor service and attitude toward customer make us stop visiting to Kong Heng again. Other stalls in the restaurant services are good by Malaysia standard. The chicken rice stall leaves a very bad name to Kong Heng restaurant Ipoh. I do not think I am the first customer to get bad experience from him. I advise future customer not to question or argue with him in order to have peaceful meal.

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