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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Elcerdo at Werner's Place @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Ok, this is another overdue post. Sigh, just too busy with works until recently finally got some time to sit down and update my blog. This time is a very interesting post with my recommendation to a Spanish Restaurant located in the middle of the Golden Triangle. As you would guess, Spanish Restaurant in Golden Triangle, must be expensive. Yes, it's expensive but you will want to visit it after finished this blog. Let's see.

This is my third visit to this place and I would still say it's one of the best restaurant around KL. This dinner is set-up a day after my wife's birthday together with my friends. Let's say this, I did a few good favours to a friend of mine and he owed me a few dinner, which I decided to pull it together for a big one like this. He brought his girlfriend and I'm with my wife. Four of us decided to go for the El Cerdo @ Werner's Place in Changkat Bukit Bintang with its motto of "Nose to Tail Eating" experience. Non-halal friend, sorry, but you got to stay away from this post.

ps: Besides, El Cerdo means The Pig in Spanish =)

The famous Hoegaarden beer originated from Belgium. Any beer lovers will recognise this wheat based beer that's serving all around the European Restaurant. My friend particular ordered a big full pint at RM26.00 and the girlfriend finished it by herself! Crazy, I just sip my water while watching them savour it. Incredible couple.

Boquerones at RM19.50. This is the best ham I've ever eaten. Super crispy & juicy bacon stuffed with white wine marinated anchovies and served with onion rings, salad with tartar sauce. A very nice appetizer and my friend said this is the best dish of the dinner. A must order!

Elcerdo's Farmer Sausage at RM28.00. Three different flavour sausages served with sauerkraut and mashed potato. Juicy sausages but there are other better sausages out there. Overall it's good, matching the quality of sausages from Euro Deli. I prefered the German Sausages.

Elcerdo's Signature Dish and our main highlight of the day. "Chochinillo Al Estilo Segoviano" Roasted Suckling Pig. We ordered the whole suckling pig because my memories tell me that half piglet is not enough! The menu will tell you also that it's for four person. However, a whole suckling pig for two guys and two girls are proved to be too much. If you are four in the diner hall, you should stick to half piglet to enjoy every piece of it.

The interesting part of the signature dish, is that the manager himself will come out and tell how the signature dish is been prepared and all about its tradition. The piglet is normally 3 weeks old and will be marinated in white wine for 48 hours and then roasted to perfection for 4 hours. You dont need to pre-book for this dish but due to popularity, it's better to make reservation to avoid disappointment. I'm wondering where they get all the pigs, and the manager told me the piglet come from Spanish! What the ...

In follow to the tradition, the diner will need to take the white plate and hit the table 3 times then "chop" the suckling pig (yes with plate, it's very soft including the bones because of the 48hrs marination). Then you will have to drop and break the plate into the wooden barrel for good luck. You can wish for the either wealth (hold plate with each hand furthest apart) or love (hold plate with both hands nearest possible) before dropping the plate, and you must choose only one to have the wish granted. Interesting, I got my love beside me, so I choose ... wealth! because with wealth, she will love me more! =) Nice.

The signature dish is served at RM219.00. The dish come complete with salads, special Elcerdo's sauce, and more potatoes. The skin is crazy crispy and the meat is very juicy tender with a very good aroma of piglet plus white wine. I voted this as the best suckling pig I've ever tasted. Although the serving is very big for four of us, but we still finished it! So imagine. You will be hearing the sound of plates breaking every while and then, an added experience in Elcerdo. Without ordering this dish in Elcerdo, you will feel out of place when everyone start throwing the plates. Hehe...

I hinted that it's my wife birthday to the manager and this happened. We are given a house shot of vodka with lime for digestive and a little gift of piglet (next to the candle) as a gift to her. The manager told her that piglet is a goodluck symbol for Spanish and to wish for luck, gently rub the piglet head to have it come true. Nice, a truly unforgettable experience. You will remember this pig if you follow my blog earlier.

As said, this dinner is a return of favour from our friends and a very thank you for the dinner. I'm just taking favour as reason to meet around my friends and next time I will treat you guys back. It's nice to gather around, talks and laughs with good foods. Incredible, I love to live my life like that. Thanks again!

Elcerdo @ Werner's Place
43 & 45 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2145 0511
Location Coordinate: N3 08.852 E101 42.455


oyling said...

So much food wei?! You guys are cows man.
And tak ajak me!

KVINLIM said...

WE are cows. remember our story in Euro Deli? That's craziest! Sorry, invitation by host only, so I dont dare to ajak. We should do it again! Woohoo!

oyling said...

I shall murder the host then! Haha..opps..

Euro deli was not very cow-ish la..this was worse! You guys had the whole suckling pig!

KVINLIM said...

6 main dishes in Euro Deli for 3 persons is not cow-ish!? Yea, kinda crazy to have the whole pig, now I can still feel the oink oink in my tummy =)

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