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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bubur Goreng Restaurant @ Klang

This round my family visited the special Bubur Goreng Restaurant in Taman Berkeley at Klang, attracted by the special dish as the restaurant name imply, Fried Porridge, that's very special. Off we go and Klang is quite far from KL basically, is it worth the travel? Let's find out.

Bubur Goreng Restaurant, hidden within dark streets of the Taman Berkeley in Klang. It's located just nearby the Federal Highway before turning into Hokkien Association. Nothing around, so parking is aplenty.

The usual Klang restaurant with nostalgic flooring and simply table chair setup. Non air-condition so it's slighly warm on hot day.

First to come, the highlight is the Fried Porridge at RM13 per big bowl. It contains porridge, yam, tofu, pork lard, dried cuttlefish, and dried prawns. I believe there are minced pork inside but can't be sure.

It looks a little messy, but it's good, and only complain is that you must eat it when it's hot. It's not that nice when it's cold. It's not like the normal porridge but it's very strong in flavour and it goes pretty well with the green chili that's served if you fancy some spice in it. It's a bit weird in taste as none of us have ever eaten Fried Porridge, but it's nice and special to your taste bud. If you are going, it's a must try, that's what the restaurant is all about anyway, the Fried Porridge, only in Klang.

Tong Fun Crab priced at RM85 and the serving is quite huge. Pardon the shaky photos, everyone is hungry so must do it quick and never check the quality. The crab is fresh and the Tong Fun absorb the essence of the crab freshness, I think it's pretty good. It's not the best out there, but a good choice if you are here for the Fried Porridge.

This is strongly recommended by the boss, some kind of fried pregnant fish, similar to Shishamo but only bigger. It's good, and at price of RM3 per fish, it's pretty affordable. We love it, you can try as well.

Next up is the Steamed Lala that's famous in Klang Boston, but we try it out also here. It's priced at RM20, and it's not that good comparing to Klang Boston, by a far margin. It's ok by itself, but pale in comparison with the best Steamed Lala in town.

I also heard that they have this famous Steamed Mantis Prawn which is not available that day, so pre-book if you want to try that out, and I heard it's awesome. Without the Steamed Mantis Prawn, we asked for alternative and basically there is not much choice here. We took up the Steamed Stingray Fish at recommendation of the boss. It's fresh and taste ok, not bad. Nothing special though. It''s priced at RM35, reasonable.

Total damage for a group of 10 adults, RM190.00. Not exactly cheap nor expensive. Affordable and something special to add into your dinner choice if you fancy something different. The food is so so and only highlight is the Fried Porridge in my opinion. I don't mind travelling down to Klang for the porridge again though. Cheers.

Bubur Goreng Restaurant
32,34, Lorong Lang
Taman Berkeley
41150 Klang
Tel: +6016 686 8579
Opening Hours: 5.30pm till 2.45am daily
Location Coordinate: N3°3'24.22" E101°27'50.17"

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