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Monday, November 5, 2012

Honda Insurance Package, Like!

Last Saturday my Honda Civic got into flat battery problem, and me and my family is stucked in the town with baby in tow. For those with a young baby in the family, you know my frustration. Reliability and predictability is the main reason why we choose to buy a Honda, but then this happen to me. Without any warning / sign in the morning start, it just refuse to crank at parking lot. My Honda Civic is only 1 year 7 months old and clocking around 29,000km only.

When we bought the car, we took up the Honda Insurance Package as well, which is basically insured by Tokio Marine. Knowing that it should be under warranty, I call up the HIP's emergency number and after some calls, rescue sent from Honda 3S, Tenaga Setia Resources (because they are the nearest service center to my location) arrived after nearly 30 minutes. They jump-started my car, and pointed me over to their service center for battery warranty claim. Reached there and priority is given for insurance claim case, and my car is done within another 30 minutes, while my baby played at the children section in the center.

Although it was a bit hassle, but I overall praise the efficiency and response of the rescue team, particularly immediate attention on my case when I'm in the service center. For those new buyer of Honda car, go along with the Honda Insurance Package, it's integrated insurance with Honda Service Center that prioritise on the customer needs. I'm still a happy customer =)

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