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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Foh Sam Dim Sum Restaurant @ Ipoh

Everyone know what Ipoh is famous of. Pretty girls, taugeh chicken and of course, the Dim Sum as well. Growing up in Ipoh, it's part of the culture to go eat Dim Sum in the morning with the whole family, and we did just that, but only with a new member, my baby boy =)

If you are from Ipoh, then you will know the Dim Sum in other town is really bad, not that they are not good, but not as good as Ipoh. Lots of people can't tell the difference, but it's quite obvious actually. However, I don't really like to visit the Dim Sum restaurant in Ipoh, because it's always packed, there are exemption though. We go nonetheless because it's been really long time since we gather for morning Dim Sum. Choice of restaurant, the new majestic Foh San restaurant in the town. It's the most recognised name for Dim Sum around Malaysia and it's also the most packed restaurant. Holiday season, just want to enjoy the crowd sometimes =) Let's see.

It's best to have a lot of people when eating dim sum, as that's when you can order a lot of variety and test every bit of the specialty they can offer. It's pointless to eat dim sum with just 2-3 person. With an army of us, we ordered the above. So beautiful, abundance of wealth (as chinese put food as wealth. the more you put, the more wealthy you are, hehe. that's why chinese like to put mirror opposite the dining table to double the food / wealth).

Left: Pandan Kuih, Right: Vinegar Dumpling

Left: Crispy Prawn Dumpling, Right: Jiucai Prawn Dumpling

Left: Century Egg with Meat, Right: Rice Noodle Roll with Char Siew

Left: Prawn Dumpling, Right: Sunflower Seed Shao Mai

Left: Fishball, Right: Roast Duck Dumpling

Left: Premium Fishball, Right: Fried Yam Roll

Left: Fried Yam Pastry, Right: Fried Carrot Cake

Left: Char Leong, Right: Claypot Porridge

There are lots of choice, and you will need to really go around to find the food as special item will normally finished before the waitress manage to bring it to your table. Foh Sam do have a new website but their list of Dim Sum within still not fully updated, but it should give you a good idea.

Conclusion, Foh San is one of the oldest and most famous Dim Sum outlet in Ipoh, and it's also one of the most crowded place for morning breakfast. Only for the braveheart, and don't go if you are hungry, or have no patience. As you will be cursing rather than enjoying the morning tea or Dim Sum. For those looking for options, there are Ming Kok and Yoke Fook Moon just beside Foh San. I think they are equally good, and importantly, less crowded. However, nonetheless Foh San is still one of the best Dim Sum you can find, thumbs up!

Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605 254 0308
Fax: +605 253 5432
Opening Time: 6.00am till 2.0pm (also open at night for dinner)
Location Coordinate: N4 35.812 E101 05.162

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